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Black Lives Matter Issues Statement of Support for Hamas Terrorists

The main Black Lives Matter group has issued a statement in support of Hamas terrorists that are responsible for rockets being fired into Israel. The statement was made via Twitter on Monday. The group said that they stand in solidarity with Palestinians and would advocate for Palestinian liberation.

It is no surprise that the group has joined with the latest radical cause. The group has joined multiple causes across the country similar to this that have resulted in violence, destruction, and even deaths here in the United States. The group has sourced funding off of these violent activities and leaders of this main group are living lavish lifestyles as a result. But this statement, and the response from the BDS movement, raise a lot of other questions.

Since the Hamas organization that is responsible for the violence has officially been designated a terrorist group by the US government, this group is openly endorsing terrorism. While the radicals on the left side of the aisle have been hesitant to call the group terrorists, it seems more fitting that the BLM groups here in the United States be labeled such given these actions. While President Joe Biden and the radical communists among his party may argue that they are simply supporting an idea, that’s not the case.

That “idea” has assembled and been responsible for countless violence across our country. All while being supported by radical politicians among the Democratic ranks. Would this also make Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, and many others guilty of supporting terrorism? It should. Even Mitt Romney would be guilty of such seeing as how he marched with BLM.

But you will not hear such accusations from the mainstream media. Instead, you will hear support for BLM and how they are supporting a valid cause. The cause that the mainstream media and the Democrats are committed to, which is turning our backs on Israel and allowing the terrorists to take over.

The BDS movement, as we have covered at The Liberty Loft many times, is not simply a movement advocating for a Palestinian state or freedom for Palestine. As the name suggests, they want to end all support for the nation of Israel, force the nation into isolation, and ultimately destroy them. It certainly sounds like another “peaceful” situation as the radical left would like to call it.

Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group responsible for the violent actions, has launched thousands of rockets into Israel in recent weeks. Those rockets have been funded through their networks and relationships with Iran. International leaders are calling on Israel to agree to a ceasefire, as their response has been strong and resulted in dozens of Palestinian deaths. Many of those deaths are due to the fact that Palestinians have Hamas housed in or even under their homes. The organization is also known for setting up operations near schools and hospitals in an attempt to thwart any Israeli response.

The US recently blocked a third attempt by the UN Security Council to call for an immediate ceasefire. China had led the UN efforts and has stated it would host negotiations for peace. US leaders have said they are already working through their channels for a ceasefire and peace deal, and that until both parties are interested in peace, peace is not an option.

The BDS movement claims it wants to force a two-party solution for peace in the area. It is worth noting that Israel has agreed to a two-party solution in the past, but Palestinian leaders refused. In fact, multiple times Israel has agreed to ceasefire deals, only to have rockets launched at them by the Palestinian groups soon after.

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