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A Gasoline Distribution Outage In An Anti-Oil, Pro-Electric-Vehicle Administration? What Am I Missing Here?

Let me see if I have this right. In the last 40 years the political left in the United States has told us that gas-powered cars are causing the globe to heat up and we must get rid of them or the world is certainly doomed to over-heating and complete destruction. In reality it has only been three years ago that our political left advocates told us that we only have twelve years left to live (now only nine years are left of that original twelve years) until the earth heats up to a point where no life can be sustained on its surface. So with only nine years left to destruction, how unusually hot was the temperature in July of 2020? I remember it being about the same temperature as the previous fifty or so years, which is nothing for a logical person to worry about, and it‘s certainly not hot enough to make the oceans boil. But the warming lie is a subject to be discussed elsewhere.

In the 2020 presidential campaign the Democrats included a green new deal angle to their political appeal to America, which included phasing out all gasoline-powered vehicles in favor of electric vehicles. This appeal was not based on the public voluntarily buying electric vehicles and rejecting gas vehicles, it was a top-down, government edict intended to save the world from certain death by over-heating (which is not happening), caused by the evil internal combustion engine. Then the green candidate won the White House and immediately issued an executive order to shutdown the Keystone pipeline, which would soon help America become energy independent from the rest of the world. So it’s clear that the Biden administration was not trying to convince us of the need to switch to electric cars, he’s trying to force us to change to electric, against our will.

Following on the heels of this anti-America and anti-drilling administration taking office, in May of 2021, America experienced a major gasoline pipeline shutdown causing a severe gasoline outage for the eastern part of the United States. During this outage, Biden’s new Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, a major investor in electric vehicle charging station manufacturing stock, assured the nation that the outage was an act of terrorism and would only be temporary, and she stated that gasoline would be flowing soon. But a week later the outage continues in many cities.

And on top of these developments, we learned that Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer, has ordered the shutdown of another pipeline from Canada running under her state, so it appears that the Democrat party, the members of which hope to profit from expanding electric vehicle sales, is working against the energy welfare of America and is angling for more gasoline outages in order to convince Americans that their interests are best served by buying electric cars, which would be impossible for most citizens to do because of the outrageous costs of these vehicles, and because Americans are still financially reeling from the national covid shutdown which was implemented, at least in part, by policies and lies of the Democrat party.

What kind of fools does Biden’s party think Americans are? For years the anti-auto political left has been condemning oil and gasoline products and usage, and predicting that electric is the mode of the future for America, and then we get a far-left Democrat administration that has been advocating this idiocy, and all of a sudden the pipelines providing gasoline to the nation are being destroyed by “terrorists” and being shut down by Democrat governors, and we are to believe that the Colonial outage is just temporary and that the Biden administration will assure that such an outage never happens again? What a load of crap!

And this lie from the Biden administration follows a year-long series of lies about an “extremely deadly” covid virus that is over ninety-nine-percent survivable, but nevertheless required a shutdown of all businesses, the wearing of masks by every citizen, everywhere we go, and even the wearing of masks after we’ve been vaccinated, and we must keep our children out of schools and masked at home, for their own good. And then, voila!, all of a sudden we can remove our masks and our children can go back to school. This is obviously another load of crap from the lying Democrats, who have denied actual science related to covid from the very beginning of the pandemic.

The American public knows we are being lied to and manipulated by our rulers in Washington, and we resent it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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