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What Is The Problem With Real Journalism?

Earlier this week, Project Veritas released more undercover videos. This time, the videos caught a CNN technical director admitting that the organization was attempting to help Democrats, was spreading propaganda, and much more. It was an expansive exposé that continued to highlight what conservatives have said all along. CNN is far from an unbiased news outlet.

Of course, CNN is not the only mainstream media outlet that has been accused of this bias. Time and again mainstream media outlets and mainstream journalists have taken issue with conservative causes, have attacked conservatives, all while overlooking the blatant hypocrisy from the Democrats. Even something as simple as how former President Donald Trump held his foot received hours of coverage, while Biden falling was squashed.

Big tech has joined in on the action with the mainstream media. On Thursday, Twitter banned Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe from the platform. He becomes the latest right-wing personality to be banned from the platform. While he joins some great company for patriots who had the nerve to speak the truth, one has to question what is the problem with real journalism?

You certainly are not seeing journalism from the mainstream media outlets. In fact, we were so taken back here at The Liberty Loft we actually wrote about how The New York Times actually performed a journalistic task. Such journalism has become so rare that it is almost news itself.

Conservatives have run from mainstream media outlets, choosing alternative news sources which the Left has become hypercritical of. Those sources are labeled as spreading misinformation and as having led to events such as the Capitol riots. They have said such news sources are the cause of fear over the Coronavirus vaccines, the frustration with coronavirus restrictions, and even the lack of trust in the government from those who may be “Trump supporters.”

Of course, they seem to never consider that perhaps some Americans are just smart enough to realize that the claims that they make of “journalism” are far from journalism at all. Especially as outlets, like CNN, are exposed for their propaganda and outright support of left-wing causes. They openly admit they are pushing an agenda and supporting the Democrat’s platform, leaving Americans no choice but to look for alternatives.

When Americans find an alternative platform, the Left immediately sets out to destroy it. They have attacked Fox News, Newsmax, OANN, and others for their stories and commentary. While no news outlet is perfect, these are the only outlets that seem to be providing one thing in common. Actual journalism.

James O’Keefe’s style is not appreciated in the news industry. He practices guerilla-type reporting. They listen to whistleblowers, investigate the facts, and then report once they have the evidence to support that fact. The mainstream media has an issue with this because they do not like facts. If you need a quick reference see the Russia hoax during the Trump administration.

Time and again big tech and mainstream news outlets attack those who are performing real journalism. They seek to silence them and to keep Americans from finding out the truth. They prefer to use their fear tactics and partnerships with the radicals, who are willing to joke with them at a correspondent’s dinner. The lack of interest in reporting the facts and real news from mainstream outlets and big tech should be alarming for any American who cares.

For example, on Friday most of the mainstream outlets were focused on the Chauvin trial in Minnesota and the shooting of a 13-year-old in Chicago. They want to push a division among the people of the United States and help to promote the anti-police agenda. They continue to ignore the border crisis, they have ignored the escalation in tensions with Russia, and they want to ignore the fact that the majority of Americans are not supportive of the radical agenda.

Those who control the things that you see online, on television, or in a newspaper have a problem with real journalism. The “free press” is no longer free in this country. It’s bound by the chains of the Democratic Party and there appears to be no end in sight. Say hello to state-run media. What are they scared of?

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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