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To Democrats The Waves Of Central Americans Flooding Our Borders Are Simply Future Democrat Voters

Democrats argue that it’s un-American to NOT let waves of Central American invaders into America. They say that the example of the Statue of Liberty, holding a torch to attract people to freedom, is what makes America great, and therefore we can’t turn immigrants away.

But the horrific treatment of immigrants at our southern border, with thousands of people and a shocking number of children, crowded and pushed into a space designed for a few hundred people at most, proves that Democrats don’t give a damn about refugees. And Democrats hope everyone will forget the images of the two baby girls thrown over a fourteen foot fence by the Coyotes hired to get them to America. Democrats are only interested in immigration as a tool for getting millions of new voters, so Democrat candidates can be re-elected at each local and general election, forever.

Neither Joey Biden nor Kamala Harris will go to the border to see what is actually happening on their watch, and maybe give advice or help in making the situation a little less horrible than they’ve made it so far. This pair of idiots are in way over their heads with the mess they’ve created, and they don’t want to be seen near, nor associating with the filth, crowding, suffering and child endangerment their policies have put in place.

The Trump administration told the Biden crew that this exact thing would indeed occur if Joey changed the functioning and successful Trump policies and opened the border, thereby allowing desperate people to come north to freedom. But Democrats are so desperate themselves for a new underclass of poor people who will be dependent on handouts from big government in exchange for a Democrat vote in each election, that they threw the border open and the suffering and chaos is what they’ve given Central Americans and American citizens alike.

This influx of people, some even carrying the covid virus, are being sent all over the nation and will certainly spread the disease to Americans, so Joey can then justify a new lockdown order and re-mask the nation as the new strain of the disease is detected. And it’s painful to think of the crowding and suffering in America’s sanctuary cities as the newcomers join these illegal cities and cause even more misery, with no relief in sight.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Dave, “Congradulations” for hanging onto your old fashioned ‘common sense’ recognizing where the Mother Root of this problem lies. All of the denial from ONe World advocates will not stop or even slow down the flood of humans victims, drugs or gangs entering our nation from around the world…….Ignorance may be bliss, but this is NOT ignorance but a well laid methodical plan to weaken and destroy the most powerful country on earth….OURS !!! A nation that is ‘infected’ with diseases, loss of economics and moral is a weakened nation and easily conquiered. We are losing our language, culture, income, and worse , we are losing HOPE. The next will be our Sovereignity……We will DIE !!

    FAITH and understanding of our IMMIGRTION LAWS and its history of enforcement allows for a UNITED citizenrey to still make AMERICA FIRST ! In 1953, then President Esienhower formed “Opertion Wetback” (a reference to the river used by criminal trespassers, not race) that combined ALL law enforcement agencies that swept the southern states for four shot months, resulting in the removal of over six million illegal entrants……reduced unemployment and welfare rolls by an estimated 80% !!! It was halted only because ofthe loud outrage of a few future Leftist when two men being deported jumped off the ship taking then to centeral america and drowned. WE HAVE SOME STRONG LEADERS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT……of which would be willing to stand on the side of United States laws IF the citizens would push and support the out spoken legislators to organize and stand with them…..Saying that ‘we can’t’ do anything is a denial equal to the socialist silence on the issue……ATTITIUDE IS MORE CONTAGIOUS THAN COVID….. Perhaps, just perhaps some of our readers will consider and develop this idea or others and become actors, not benchwarmers….

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