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The Truth Behind Joe Biden’s Assault on American’s Red Meat Diet

On Saturday, new Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) made headlines with a tweet about President Joe Biden and his plans for red meat. In the tweet, Boebert suggests that Joe Biden is targeting American’s diets and attempting to limit their red meat consumption.

The tweet received a lot of backlash from those on the radical left since she made it. One user said it was an outright lie and that Joe Biden has made no such claims about limiting red meat. It’s no secret that all of the radicals want to protect Dementia Joe as they march us toward the cliff of communism.

Other users responded with a Daily Mail article that talked about the source of the accusation. It comes from Joe Biden’s energy plan, which looks eerily similar to the Green New Deal. The article talked about how Biden’s plan could reduce the ability to purchase red meat to just 4 pounds per year for Americans, force us to all buy electric cars, and force other changes to comply.

While the left would like us to believe that all of this is simply a lie, it’s hard to ignore the key details behind this suggestion. As is the case with most of the things that the left wants us to ignore, there is some truth to what is being said and we must look at the details.

Take for example the statements by Vice President Kamala Harris from September 2019. She said that we must reduce the amount of red meat that we eat in order to address climate change. She said that the government must act on what Americans eat at the highest level because America has a real problem. That problem seems to be red meat, because it seems it will destroy the world.

Harris suggested incentivizing moderation with red meats. In other words, she wants you to pay the penalty if you want to eat red meat because you are destroying the environment by what you eat. The comment did not slip by unnoticed.

Former Vice President Mike Pence spoke about Kamala Harris’ statements and her desire to limit red meat at a campaign stop in August 2020. His comments can be seen below.

So do Kamala Harris and Joe Biden want to cut the red meat consumption of Americans? While many on the left would argue that the story is a lie, it seems to have a lot of merit to it. Left-wing radicals all seem to agree that without cutting red meat consumption, the world will be coming to an end. Perhaps that is based on the flawed science that they use to argue as justification for climate change as well.

It’s another example of how the radicals want to take your freedom of choice and remove it in the name of saving the country and environment. They do not want you to have the ability to choose a steak or hamburger at your next meal. They want you to be forced to eat kale salad and fruit. Maybe that’s what you are into and that’s your personal choice, just like having a nice piece of steak is my choice.

These radicals want every aspect of your life controlled by the federal government and their regulations. They want to control your diet, your car, your home, your education, and anything else you may want in your life. Before you know it, the next time you head down to your local steakhouse, you’ll be forced to eat a mushroom or pay a steak tax. I am sure Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are upset that they did not think of that one first.

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  1. Sounds more and more like communism to me, telling us what to eat, what car to buy, what kind of fuels we use, what not to say , what to say, who to vote for, and so on! I will eat what I want when I want, use what I want NOBODY tells me those things. Maybe someone should have told Harris who to sleep with and when. Not even 100 days into this fiasco and we are so sick of their shi* already, this is not going to end well!!

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