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The Drug Cartel Drops A Baby From A 14 Foot Border Wall, And It’s All On Biden

The ignorant fool we are calling the president of the United States must answer for the criminal activity and human suffering we see all along the southern border of the United States. He was warned by the outgoing Trump administration that if he put out the message that all who illegally cross our border would be allowed to stay here, get free healthcare, get free education, get free food and housing, that the waves of immigrants swarming north to America would be devastating. And Trump was correct.

The failing Joey did, indeed, announce that America was open for the invasion business, and now we have a situation that is impossible to resolve without Central Americans and United States citizens all suffering, and suffering for a long time to come.

The two baby girls who were maliciously dropped over the fourteen foot border wall recently were the fault of Joey Biden and his ultra-left, hate America cadre of radical idiots, because they insisted on reversing any and all Trump policies, especially those policies that were successful and working to the benefit of America and American citizens, and they replaced Trump’s wise policies with feel-good, leftist crazy ideas that were the opposite of Trumps efforts. So it was logical that the Trump policies that severely reduced the flow of illegal immigrants making the dangerous, deadly and miserable trek the length of Mexico to our borders had to be halted, and now we have tens of thousands of poor, sick, suffering people entering our nation with no end in site for the human caravans to follow, and more baby girls will suffer from Joey’s idiotic ideas.

And of course, as with all Socialist failures, the Biden administration will not allow the press to see the suffering, and neither Joey nor Kamala will go near the border to personally witness the Satan-like results of their idiotic policies, like the two babies flung over the border wall by the inhuman Coyotes who brought them north. And the forgotten American citizens in the area of the border are too often ignored in their own suffering as millions of illegals swarm their cities and even their homes.

But Joey isn’t satisfied with just destroying the sovereignty of America’s border and upsetting the lives of Americans living near the border, he has to promote the destruction of our economy as well with his multi-trillion dollar spending and borrowing measures that he says will create millions of good jobs (that’s what the Obama administration said would be the result of their billion dollar, shovel-ready stimulus bill as well, and the jobs never followed the rhetoric) but will in actuality only bury future generations in unpayable debt and could lead to a depression, coming at the end of the pandemic, as it does.

Joey has no intention of releasing Americans from his order to continue masking until he believes we are behaving sufficiently obediently and will stop griping about his multi-trillion dollar handouts to his buds. And Joey will continue to impose warming/change policies in order to save the world from the evil America, and our rapaciousness and selfishness. And he will ultimately destroy America, if at all possible.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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