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New Poll Shows Majority of Americans Do Not Support Gun Control Agenda

In a new poll released by McLaughlin & Associates, the majority of Americans do not support the gun control agenda of Joe Biden and the Democrats. The poll was released on Thursday and shows that over 72% of Americans supported the Second Amendment. Of those surveyed, over 73% said it was important for Americans to have the right to own a firearm for hunting, sport, and personal protection. Those who responded said they were much more likely to support a candidate who was supportive of the Second Amendment.

When asked about gun control measures, 52% said that the United States needed better enforcement of current gun laws. Over 55% said our leaders should focus on the current laws on the books rather than creating new laws and a majority said that new gun laws would not have prevented the most recent shootings that the mainstream media and Democrats have used to push their gun control initiatives.

It seems that most Americans are not thrilled about Joe Biden’s threats to take on the gun control agenda through executive action. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said that President Joe Biden should work with Congress on any new initiatives rather than passing executive orders to accomplish his goals.

Even though the majority of Americans do not support the radical gun control measures, the Democrats appear committed to enacting them. Joe Biden has asked for proposals and has nominated gun control advocates to key firearm regulation positions within the federal government.

Two more interesting points in the data are that the overwhelming majority, 85%, of those surveyed considered themselves middle class. The same class of people that Joe Biden has been targeting with his radical measures. The final is that over 57% of those surveyed approved of Joe Biden’s performance as President of the United States.

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