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Minnesota Republicans Say Gov. Waltz’s Response To Shooting Of Daunte Wright ‘Fuels The Fire’

Minnesota Republicans criticized Gov. Tim Waltz’s response to the shooting of a black man saying it “fuels the fire” of protestors, Fox News reported.

Police shot Daunte Wright, 20, on Sunday in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, which sparked protests and riots throughout the city, Fox News reported. State Republicans criticized Waltz for commenting on the fatal encounter between Wright and police, saying that his comments will spur further protests. 

“Governor, your words fuel the fire of protesters. You of all people should know to wait until the @MnDPS_BCA finish their investigation,” the Saint Paul Republicans tweeted. “In your tweet, you should have stopped after the words, “praying for Daunte’s family. Everything after that was inappropriate.”

Republican criticism follows a Sunday statement from Waltz offering condolences to Wright’s family, which also mentions the encounter.

“I am closely monitoring the situation in Brooklyn Center. Gwen and I are praying for Daunte Wright’s family as our state mourns another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement,” Waltz tweeted Sunday in response to the shooting.

Brooklyn Center Mayor Mike Elliot said in a statement that the community is “filled with grief” and offered his condolences to Wright’s family.

Elliot requested that protestors remain peaceful while a full investigation into the matter is conducted, according to the statement.

In a press conference Monday, Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said the female officer that shot Wright has been placed on administrative leave. Gannon also described the shooting as an “accidental discharge” as the female officer meant to use a taser to subdue Wright but shot him instead.

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  1. Minneapolis is a tinder box and Walz is a flaming dum0krat. He keeps striking at the wrong time, can’t keep his mouth shut. When I first read that yesterday I thought, no guessing which side he’s on, though we already knew. During the destruction of Minneapolis last year by the BLM/Antifa/others rioters he and the mayor of Minneapolis refused to call in the NG, neutered the police, and just stood by with their thumbs up their noses and watched as Minneapolis was destroyed by fire. He and the mayor will forever be known by what they allowed to happen that weekend. Walz thinks this is the way to put Minnesota on the map.

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