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Biden Working to Redefine Everything in American Society

The Washington Post recently ran an article that claims that President Joe Biden is aiming to redefine the meaning of bipartisan. To be clear, Miriam-Webster says that bipartisan means a compromise, cooperation, or agreement between opposing political parties. Joe Biden has claimed that he is working to pass measures in a bipartisan manner, but apparently, his definition of bipartisan is different than what we would consider.

The Washington Post article quotes several key people who claim that Biden is redefining the word bipartisan. Rahm Emmanuel was a big name that spoke to the paper saying that Biden was not worried about Republicans in Congress, but rather Republican voters. He said it was more important to get the Republican Governors, Mayors, and voters than it was the Republicans in Congress.

As is normal, Democrats seem to forget the role of Congress is not to simply be a burden on their progressive agenda, but rather a representation of the people. Those Republicans, while far from perfect, are not in Congress out of their own doings. They are there because the people elected them to represent their values and ideas in Washington. Many of them come from areas that strongly opposed Joe Biden’s radical agenda and supported former President Donald Trump in the previous election.

This might be a strong argument if Joe Biden had performed strongly in Republican-held election areas, but he didn’t. Joe Biden performed well in the areas that Joe Biden needed to perform well in, the big cities and Democrat states. He is not winning with Republican voters and he is certainly not winning Republican Governors and Mayors.

As is always the case with the Democrats, you do not have to see what they are saying, but what they are doing behind the scenes. This is simply the message that they are giving, but what this allows them to do is to push the message to their propaganda wing.

Mainstream media outlets will start pushing this message of “bipartisanship” with the voters and uniting America outside of Congress. They will say that Biden is reaching out to the voters and start to spread their ridiculous polls to help “support” the message. All of it nothing but propaganda to help the Left in their radical agenda.

Rahm Emmanuel said that Washington is just being slow to catch up on this redefining moment and the new definition of bipartisanship. That’s not the case at all. The only people trying to catch up are the mainstream media outlets in hearing how they need to spin this to try and sell it to the uneducated voters and the radical progressives.

What’s happening is that the Democrats are working to redefine everything across American society in order to help promote their agenda. They did this several years ago with the LGBTQ movement where they wanted to change the definition of marriage. They have worked to redefine gun violence as a public health crisis. They have worked to redefine public health as wearing masks, giving up your job, and forcing yourself into submission to your government. They want to redefine infrastructure as radical progressive policies that have nothing to do with infrastructure.

Biden and his radical friends are working to redefine everything in American society. They want you to believe that the government is the best producer of jobs, the only provider of income, the best place for healthcare, the best source for education, and the one who can guarantee equality across the races and all spectrums of life. Americans used to call this  big government and attacks on American freedoms. We used to call this communism. Now, the radical Left wants to redefine this as a responsible, acceptable, and an America focused on preserving freedom for the future.

As the Left continues to redefine everything in society, it is more important than ever that we are sharing the truth with those around us. This is more than just the truth about Biden and the progressive agenda that he is promoting. We must be sharing the importance of God and faith, the importance of freedom, the importance of small government, the importance of fiscal responsibility, and the importance of seeing beyond the propaganda that the communist mainstream media is spreading.

The days of turning on the television or sitting down in front of a computer to read the news are over. The things that the mainstream media is pushing are simply propaganda to help the radicals push their agenda of redefining everything in American society. If allowed to continue unchecked, in just a few years our country will be unrecognizable.

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