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Antifa Members Upset About Being Outed as Members, Feel Threatened

Multiple members of the domestic terrorist group Antifa have been arrested in Portland in recent weeks. The violence continues to persist in the city where Democrats would like you to believe there is nothing but “mostly peaceful protests.” Apparently, the arrests have upset some of the Antifa members as their names are being outed in the media.

One case is that of Jacob Camello, who identifies as female, and was arrested for rioting and destroying businesses in the Portland area. Journalist Andy Ngo shared the information about the arrest. Jacob was upset about it in a post after Andy’s reporting.

Jacob says that the reporting of the individuals involved is encouraging harm against those people. But apparently, the Antifa member has no concern over the harm that their actions and violence are causing to the people of Portland.

Portland’s Democratic mayor seems to be realizing that allowing the terrorists to run the city is a bad idea as well. He has asked the public to help identify the members of Antifa that are destroying the city in an effort to take the city back. There’s just one problem, the lack of accountability after they are outed will do little to help the situation.

In federal court, of the 96 cases brought against the Antifa mobs, 47 of them have been dismissed according to The Wall Street Journal. The penalties for the majority of those charged was community service. In fact, The Wall Street Journal continued by saying:

More than half of the around 30 so-called deferred resolution deals, in which prosecutors ask the court to drop cases once defendants complete volunteer work, were initiated last fall under the Trump administration, interviews and a review of cases shows. Prosecutors have continued to pursue such deals under President Biden.

Without accountability for their actions, what would cause these terrorists to stop their actions? Absolutely nothing. This is why night after night the violence continues to rage in Portland with no end in sight. The mayor can ask for names all he wants, but if there is no punishment for actions, nothing will change.

Democrats were quick to act in Washington DC when their power and authority were threatened. They continue to ignore the violence that plagues the streets of American cities like Portland. It’s time to put an end to this ridiculous violence once and for all.

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  1. Excuse me Jacob, M’am, but maybe vandalism and burning was not such a good career choice for an as- shole

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