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Accountability Should Start With People Like LeBron James

Yesterday, LeBron James, a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, made headlines when he sent out a tweet targeting a police officer saying that he was next to be charged in the killing of a Black individual. The officer shot a 16-year-old who was holding a knife and appeared to be intent on killing another girl. Rather than appreciating the officer’s work in a difficult situation, LeBron decided to say that he should be charged with murder like Derek Chauvin.

LeBron's Deleted Tweet from Twitter
LeBron’s Deleted Tweet from Twitter

The backlash for the situation began immediately. LeBron obviously jumped on to another racial issue and was attempting to continue to stir up emotions surrounding the Left’s acclaimed ‘systemic racism.’ Except racism was not involved at all in this situation. The officer was responding to save someone’s life. He was acting to protect and to serve, just as thousands of law enforcement officers across this country do every day.

LeBron eventually deleted the tweet because of the backlash. He made a new statement that said he hated seeing Black people killed by police and was looking for accountability.

If LeBron is looking for accountability, he should start looking at himself. He quickly jumped to a conclusion and posted a tweet out of emotion that has stirred up this “hate” as he wants to call it. LeBron is in a position that a lot of young people look at and when they see him act so irresponsibly, they in turn act irresponsibly.

The bodycam footage shows the event, which shows a case of Black on Black crime that the Democrats, including LeBron, want to act like does not exist. In their eyes, the only crime that exists is against Black people. A neighbor said that police had no choice but to shoot the young girl, or otherwise she would have stabbed the other woman.

But that’s not the message that LeBron James wants you to hear. Apparently, he was perfectly fine with another Black woman being stabbed and the police not acting to save her life. I wonder how LeBron would feel about that if he were in that girl’s shoes? Of course, we are talking about LeBron James who no doubt has a security guard with him everywhere he goes as he lives inside his bubble.

The irresponsible statements by LeBron James and the Democrats have led to the racial divide in our country. This shooting was not about racism, just like the George Floyd killing was not about racism. Do I believe there were concerns in the Floyd killing, certainly. But this situation in Ohio is much different. This officer is being criticized for the actions he took to save someone’s life.

The suggestion by LeBron and the Democrats that Black people are dying at extraordinary rates at the hands of law enforcement is a ridiculous one. The statistics continue to show that while Blacks are killed by police, so are all the other races. white people have led the way since 2017 in police shootings. So what does this tell us? Black people are not being targeted like the radical Left claims they are.

If LeBron is saying that Black people never deserve to die at the hand of a law enforcement officer, that’s a doctrine of Black supremacy. It goes against the very argument of equality that the radicals claim they want to argue for. So what are they arguing for? Is this an argument for equality or an argument for Black supremacy? In either case, the argument is irresponsible and based on nothing but lies.

The accountability needs to start with LeBron and other prominent Americans across our country. Rather than pandering to this lie of Black killings and systemic racism, perhaps they should see how they are falling into the trap of the Democrats and the radicals. They are falling into the lies of critical race theory and Marxism.

The radical political leaders in our country pushing this agenda know exactly what they are doing. By pushing the critical race theory and other Marxist ideas, they are causing the division and uprising they need to continue their push for their “socialist” power. By socialism, they truly mean full government dependence and control.

That’s the real system that should be concerning LeBron. Instead, he is too focused on the chaos and disruption that these radicals have caused to further their cause. If LeBron could see above the lies of the radical Marxist Democrats, he would realize that he really needs to be more accountable himself.

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  1. What LeBron should be tired of is getting things wrong. This moron never gets any facts right and proves with every tweet just how poorly his high school education served him. Try looking up real statistics on the number of blacks vs. whites shot by police. Also, look into each situation where they happen. Being armed and not complying will get anyone shot you ball-dribbling idiot.

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