The Glaring Issue Facing Our Nation

Across the mainstream media, we continue to hear the story of Asian hate. It all started with a tragic shooting in Atlanta, where a man walked into several Asian massage parlors and targeted employees, shooting and killing them. It was not just Asian’s that died, but there were white people included with the victims as well.

The man admitted that the attacks were due to an addiction that he had. He said he was a sex addict, and other outlets shared how he had sought treatment for the same. It is certainly not an excuse for the shooting that took place, but it also does not explain the white supremacy narrative that the Left is trying to push.

Protests were staged, elected officials spoke out against white supremacy and the blame started to fly. Rep’s Judy Chu (D-CA) and Grace Meng (D-CA) both blamed former President Donald Trump for the attacks on Asians. They said the use of words like China virus, Chinese virus, China flu, and more were all causing people to look down on Asians and inciting violence against them.

Mainstream media set out with the narrative that anti-Asian crime was on the rise across the country. They led with headlines such as Anti-Asian hate crimes being on the rise by 150% in New York City and Los Angeles. At least, that’s what NBC News shared. The total in NYC rose from 3 events to 28 events or just over 2 per month. In Los Angeles, it went from 7 events to 15, or just over 1 per month. It is interesting to note that both of these cities slashed their police budgets and positions amid the defund the police movement, sparking an increase in violent crimes across the board.

ABC News went so far as to dig up a study really quick that tied anti-Asian hate to a Trump Chinese virus tweet. At no point did Trump blame Asians, but rather he blamed the nation of China and its leadership. That does not stop the Left from their racist, white supremacist narrative though.

The crime in Atlanta was a tragedy that should have never happened. There is nothing about the crime that seems to indicate it was racially motivated or “Chinese virus tweet” motivated. While I am sure there are some people in this country that may look down on the Asian culture, that does not seem to be the case in this situation.

This is not a situation where it is an argument about the legalization of sex work either, as some have tried to argue. In fact, this really should not be a political argument at all. It was a situation where it should not have happened, case closed.

There is one glaring issue that stands out above all, however. The Left wants to make this political and a means to push a narrative. I do not see it that way. What I see is a nation that has a major need, one that cannot be solved by the government.

Our founding fathers recognized that we needed the inclusion of God in all aspects of our nation. That was not just reserved for church, but schools, Congress, and anywhere in between. Our nation was founded as “one nation under God” and that is the only way we would ever be indivisible.

Now, we are a nation where prayer is no longer acceptable. If you do, you must also be ridiculous enough to pray with amen and ‘a woman’ to be politically correct, even though that is nothing close to the meaning of the term. We cannot pray in our schools, we cannot teach Scripture, and we cannot acknowledge that anything is a gift from God. We cannot acknowledge his blessings and provision for our nation to have remained free for so long.

Our nation has removed the very foundation of our existence. Sure, we were founded on the Constitution, but that recognizing that everything was founded on God. The major issue in our nation is not one of the political sides, although it is important. It is not an issue of taxes, immigration, or anything else you read about. Our issue is that our nation has become so far removed from God that evil is running rampant in our streets.

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Jared Dyson

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