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Surge In Child Migrants Reportedly Expected To Last Another Seven Months

The increase in child migrants crossing the border doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon, with new data released from Axios reportedly showing that it’ll last well into September.

The Biden Administration is predicting that the number of child migrants attempting to seek asylum in the United States could be anywhere from 22,00 to above 25,000 by September. The current administration previously predicted in February that 13,000 child migrants would seek asylum at the border in May.

“The Customs and Border Protection range for September is 22,000 to 26,00. Under any scenario, projections include a peak month that would double the record that stood until this month,” Axios reported. “Even the low-end estimate is double the total number of kids who tried to cross during the crisis year of 2019. In 2014, the Obama administration struggled to care for just 69,000 kids who crossed illegally.”

Though the situation at the U.S. – Mexico border continues to spiral out of control, the Biden Administration continues to deny that there is a crisis happening.

President Joe Biden said during a press conference that “nothing has changed,” and that “it happens every single, solitary year,” Axios noted.

A new poll from ABC News shows that 57% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis at the border, with 89% of Republicans disapproving, 54% of Independents, and 33% of Democrats.

Republican Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford, and Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, along with several other colleagues visited the border this past weekend to witness the situation at hand.

Cruz tweeted a video in which a “political operative,” tried to prevent him and several other senators from filming and seeing the inside of the Donna CBP facility in Donna, Texas which is used to house and process illegal immigrants and is reportedly overcapacity.

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