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New Poll Gives Biden High Marks on Following Trump’s Policy and Low Marks on His Own Policy

President Joe Biden received some bad news from a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll. According to the new poll, in areas where he is following the policies left for him by former President Donald Trump, he is excelling. In areas where he must rely on his own policy, he is a failure.

The new poll shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that Biden is handling the COVID pandemic and the economic situation in the US in an acceptable manner. Biden has continued to roll out vaccines following the Trump vaccination plan that was set forth.

In fact, Biden has failed to enact any other meaningful measures to address the pandemic since taking office, solely relying on the plan that President Donald Trump set forth. He signed an executive order to mandate masks on federal property and signed a “stimulus” plan, much of which was supported and suggested by the former President.

Biden has taken steps to try and destroy the stable economy that was left for him by President Donald Trump, but so far the strong economy has been able to pull through. Aside from destroying thousands of jobs and billions in business, Biden has left the economy alone. This has allowed it to continue to roar. In many areas the economy was restricted, Democrats are now following the Trump plan to open those areas back up, further helping the economy.

So where did Biden struggle? With his own policy of course. Nearly 60% of Americans did not approve of his handling of the border crisis and almost an identical amount did not approve of his gun control stance.

On the gun front, the ABC poll tries to say that Americans want him to act on gun violence in the country. Both Republicans and Democrats were not sold on Biden’s response, Republicans for his attempts to enact stricter laws while Democrats want him to go further. Biden has sidestepped the issue after making his initial comments.

In regards to the border crisis, Biden took a stable issue at the border and turned it into utter chaos. When Biden took office, the border was in a strong position. Biden immediately discontinued protective measures, construction on the wall, and invited thousands of illegal immigrants to come to the US.

In a recent podcast, our own Editor-in-Chief, Jared Dyson, spoke about how the border crisis was a manufactured crisis. On Sunday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) spoke on Fox News and agreed. He shared that the border crisis and HR 1 are tied together, and as the illegal immigrants are allowed across the border, Democrats are planning to give them free stuff and to register them to vote.

To federalize the elections as the Democrats want and to give millions of illegal immigrants the opportunity to vote would help boost Democrat’s chances to win elections for years to come. This is not a border crisis, but rather a coordinated effort to attack America from the inside.

Jared shares some of Ted Cruz’s comments on his latest podcast episode and talks about how Americans must wake up and pay attention to what is taking place before the country is lost forever. You can listen to his latest episode at the link below.

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