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John Kerry Caught Maskless on American Airlines Flight

John Kerry, the former Senator, Secretary of State, and current climate change expert for the Biden administration, is apparently an anti-masker. At least he refused to wear a mask on a recent American Airlines flight. The photos were posted online in an exclusive to the Tennessee Star. You can see Kerry in the photo reading a book without a mask on.

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Exclusive: Maskless Climate Envoy Kerry Endangers Passengers on Boston to DC Flight

American Airlines, like every other airline, has a strict mask policy in compliance with the Joe Biden mask mandate. In February, American announced that it was moving its mask policy into compliance with the federal mandate. As is normal, a Democrat believes they are exempt from such mandates.

When asked about the violation, American Airlines responded. They said that they have a mask requirement and that they were investigating the situation.

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Masks are required on board our aircraft, and we are looking into this.

For average Americans, airlines have taken steps to ban those travelers from their planes for refusing to wear masks. Here’s one example from January where American Airlines banned a traveler for refusing to wear a mask. That’s not the only instance, as thousands of Americans have been banned amid the coronavirus pandemic for mask compliance.

American Airlines will need to remain consistent with its policy and ban John Kerry from taking flights on the airline in the future. He should also be referred for prosecution, just as they threaten with any other passenger who refuses to comply.

So what will happen with Kerry? Most likely nothing, just as has happened in all the other situations. Other prominent Democrats have also felt exempt from mask mandates. They have openly gone against “science” and refused to comply with the orders they insist that any other American must comply with.

This is not the first time that Kerry has come under scrutiny for air travel. just a few months ago, he took a private jet to receive an environmental award in Europe. He was criticized for the move. While many will praise him for taking a commercial flight, it’s clear he believes he is an elitist that is better than anyone else.

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