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Joe’s Family and Handlers Share the Blame for Yesterday’s Painful-to-Watch Presser

esterday, Democrats passed their abomination of an alleged “COVID Relief” bill that occurred on a party-line vote. Even RINO Senators Lisa Murkowski (‘R’-AK) and Mitt Romney (‘R’-UT) saw fit to break ranks this time because that’s how crappy this piece of legislation is! In fact, only 9 percent of the bill goes to direct assistance for those negatively impacted by government lockdowns. The rest is nothing but special interest, pet projects Senators felt necessary to add while conveniently jacking up the national debt. Some of which included payoffs from the National Endowment of the Arts to bailing out blue states that were in dire financial straits long before the pandemic hit.

For reasons not understood, this prompted Joe Biden’s handlers to let him out of the basement. What followed was further proof that President Joe Biden is not fit to do this job or any other job that is even remotely important or requiring critical thinking skills because those things have waved bye-bye to Joe a long time ago!

Here, you try to make sense of this.


You know Joe is alive because he is still moving, blinking, and putting words together in what is a pathetic and obviously horrible attempt to make a coherent sentence. Moreover, his skin is taut, eyes are squinty, and, once again, fails to shows an inability to articulate even the most basic points.

Please be absolutely sure of what I’m about to say because I won’t be equivocating in the slightest: none of his verbal fumbles are related or due to any supposed stutter! His family should be ashamed! Keep in mind, there’s a teleprompter there feeding him lines in a massive font directly in front of him! It’s no wonder he hasn’t given the State of the Union address!? The man can’t adequately function for ten minutes in an environment built to prop him up!

The answer is clear. There’s absolutely no way he will be giving the SOTU speech anytime soon. Yet another thing saved by the “convenience” that they will blame on COVID. He’s already skipped the traditional first address to Congress, something no president in modern history has done. Given he and almost every (if not every) member of Congress have been vaccinated from the coronavirus, there’s zero justification for that decision aside from a physical inability to perform his duties.

Clearly, this is a man who would be incapable of delivering a lengthy speech. You can even forget about him reading off of written notes at an hour that also happens to be well past his bedtime of 7:30 p.m. Unlike the myriad of “joint interviews” he is forced to attend, he wouldn’t be able to have his wife by his side to interject and help him out. For reference, check out how awkward this joint interview was with wife Jill

Does Joe Biden have dementia? Or is are we just witnessing his natural descent in senility? People do simply get old, after all. I can’t say for sure. What I can tell you is that none of this normal! Shame on anyone who continues to do this to this man. It’s appalling behavior all in the name of power!

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  1. He wasn’t fit for the job before he deteriorated. While it may be repulsive to watch, I would expect as much from the greedy, crime ridden Biden family. Maybe it is elder abuse but after the egregious moral and ethical behavior Biden approved while worshipping money and power as his chosen god, my sympathy for his plight is lost. My sympathy is with the American people forced to endure the puppet regime of the dictator pulling Biden’s strings. Jobs gone, criminals celebrated, public safety lost, taxes raised, constitution mocked – Truly what is outrageous and sickening to watch!

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