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How can you get dental care in the after-hours?

Despite taking good care of your oral health, dental emergencies can arise at any moment and catch you unaware. Although we normally think about some typical dental problems when talking about dental emergencies, they can happen for some other reasons, too, like some food particles stuck at the most inaccessible corner of your mouth between the teeth. Many such dental emergencies occur at odd hours when the pain, agony, and anxiety of reaching out to an emergency dentist can make you feel helpless. The biggest problem is that when you are in the middle of any dental emergency, it can be difficult to think clearly to get immediate help.

Get help from the family dental clinic

The pain can be so intense that you cannot gather your thoughts and work out some way to receive immediate dental care. The problem can be more perplexing if your child encounters some dental emergency. In both cases, you can reach out to the nearest family dental clinic ready to attend to patients even after regular working hours. The clinic attends to patients of all ages, including children who are more susceptible to dental emergencies.

Just a tip: if you don’t know the nearest family dental clinic in your area for some reason, a quick search for terms like “dentist near me ballwin” should provide you with plenty of options.

All types of dental specialists at one place

The family dental clinics stay equipped to treat all kinds of dental issues for people of all ages. The team includes dental specialists like Periodontists, Endodontists, Oral and maxillofacial surgeons, professional and experienced dentists, dental hygienists, and other staff. Regardless of the type of dental issue that you or some members of your family might be facing, the family dental clinic can provide the right treatment and ensure relief from pain and discomfort. The clinic offers varied dental treatments from emergency teeth removal, jaw pain, filling replacement, chipped teeth, root canal surgery, dentures replacement, and repairs, and much more. The clinic also offers regular dental checkups for the family.

Many dental problems need skilled treatment that only a family dental clinic can offer to meet emergencies at any hour of the day. Experienced dentists specialized in various streams of dentistry can provide the healing touch that helps you get back on track. On receiving a call for emergency treatment, the clinic will schedule an urgent appointment and advice you about dealing with the situation to keep it under control until you reach the clinic.

Here are some common dental emergencies for which you can visit a family dental clinic.

Something stuck between the teeth

Brushing your teeth has its limitations because it cannot access all parts of the mouth, especially the remote corners, for effective cleaning. Sometimes, flossing can also remove food particles, or some other object stuck awkwardly in the teeth gap. Repeated failed efforts to remove the food particle can prove very frustrating and annoying, but the discomfort can become unbearable in no time. If left for long, the object’s force on the affected teeth can push it apart slightly. As soon as you exhaust your patience in dealing with the condition on your own, call the family dental clinic and schedule an urgent appointment to get the object removed and regain your comfort and composure.

Repositioning of tooth

Tooth extraction is not always successful, especially for some tooth that has very strong roots, and even the dentist’s best techniques fail to uproot the tooth completely. Sometimes teeth loosening can happen for natural reasons too. Eventually, the dislodged tooth stands loosely in the socket, looks much longer, and being out of its position, is unstable and unable to perform its normal functions. It is a typical dental emergency, and the dentist will advise you to leave the teeth alone without touching them frequently until you reach the clinic. The dentist will then reposition the tooth and ensure that it sits firmly in place.


If you observe a pocket formed in the gum around a tooth, it is a sign of an abscess. The pocket contains pus formed due to infection. It can cause severe pain because of the infection caused by the bacteria trapped in the soft tissues, which form the bump around the tooth. The dentist would recommend root canal treatment to save the tooth by removing the infected soft tissues, cleaning the canal, and filling it. Although the tooth becomes dead, it can still perform the functions like any normal tooth. Root canal treatment prevents loss of teeth and is one of the most popular treatments nowadays.

The pediatric dentist Kalamazoo, can treat your child for all types of dental issues, including any emergency. Your child might show signs of painful and bleeding gums, broken teeth, an infection that leads to pus accumulation around a tooth, and severe pain or bleed in the wisdom tooth. Pediatric dentists can treat all conditions to provide immediate relief and then start treatment for a permanent cure.

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