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Even The Woke Don’t Believe In Race-Based Preferences

The Blue State Conservative

Everything related to black and female is in vogue right now; Amazon encourages us to shop women-owned boutiques and grocery stores want us to buy edibles from black-owned food producers. There is an even longer history of Netflix and Hulu creating unique channels just for black voices. Black-owned businesses demanded salvation from violent mobs and women-only businesses are receiving extra charity from the Covid Relief Act.

More recently,  even the most meritocratic institution, the U.S. military, succumbed to leftist ideology and praised the diversity efforts of its forces. A tweet from the official U.S. Army account touted one of its own, stating:

Col. Timothy Holman is the Army’s chief diversity officer and his aim is clear: do what he can to help open a path for future Army leaders and make the force as diverse as the nation it defends.”

Forget about “the best.” This is all about empty, token gestures for skin color and genitals. The Chinese military, with its focus on masculinity, must be quaking in its Uighur-made boots.

The pandering to blacks, women, and other “oppressed” groups is bad enough on its own, but is made worse by the glaring fact that the only women and blacks being featured share the same political ideology. Amazon wasn’t interested in presenting the Clarence Thomas documentary during Black History Month, nor is Larry Elder’s Uncle Tom featured in the lengthy “black voices” scrolls on other streaming services. Walk into any school, watch any television commercial, or listen to any commemorative and celebratory biography and the featured folks in hallways, on screens, and in speeches are uniformly attached to the political left. Are we really celebrating women and blacks, or are we simply celebrating political viewpoints? The answer is self-evident.

Signaling one’s virtue by buying canned beans from Ja’Narius instead of Goya is not only cultural appropriation (that’s still a thing, right?), it is inauthentic. It’s cheap, easy, and worthy of ridicule. Do people really think they’re fighting the patriarchal, white supremacist system by getting that hand-stitched scarf off Etsy’s black- and women-owned banner? As a matter of fact, yes. But what about when rubber hits the road?

Would these frauds, let’s say ailing from Covid, seek out a black-owned or women-owned private medical practice just to stick it to “the white man” or would they go to their local emergency room or hospital regardless of staffing simply to get the best treatment? All things being equal, when people are suffering and life is on the line, they are not thinking of race or sex. They are thinking of pain amelioration and life sustenance. When a middle-aged, white doctor steps in with his lab coat and stethoscope, the only pressing concern is “Make me better, Doc.” Once healed, only then are they back at the BLM protests.

And what about when a sick, perhaps aging family member with a proclivity for voting Democrat down ballot, requires back surgery or blood transfusions. Do they ever think to ask about the ethnicity of a prospective doctor, or who the creator of the safest and most effective technique was, or who the inventor of the machines that will preserve their health was? If brain surgery were required, would they be appalled to find out that Dr. Ben Carson is one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons or merely relieved that such care was available to them? For the record, back surgery was advanced by white doctors in ___ and blood transfusions can take place thanks to white doctors from. The next time your woke cousin makes a stupid comment about white supremacy, tell them to check their hypocrisy at the nurses’ station.

In 2020, Southwest airlines made a big to-do about having an all-female cockpit take off and land a plane. While Southwest wanted to earn woke points, it is hard to see how this doesn’t reflect poorly on women pilots everywhere. Should we be impressed? I personally never doubted that women could fly planes. Well, there was Amelia Earhardt, but that was one time! I can’t think of a single person that boards a plane hoping for diversity hires on the flightdeck. Here’s another question to ask your globetrotting, travelbug leftist sister-in-law the next time she regurgitates talking points about America’s systemic evils. Is it an unforgivable act of colonization for Columbus to be curious about sailing toward the unknown but not her for flying to the unknown? As an extra bonus, remind her that white men invented airplanes and white men perfected both jet engines and pressurized cabins. Check that privilege at the gate.

The shamelessness was even worse when the NFL touted its first, all-black referee crew in 2020. Most peoples’ takeaway was that they were surprised it hadn’t happened before, and left it at that. The second takeaway was that they didn’t care. Black, white, Asian, female, just call a clean game. Of course, that mindset is now considered racist. The move was also meant to reflect that blacks had somehow achieved great equality by wearing zebra stripes as a cohesive unit, as if fans’ white supremacist motivations prevented hiring and scheduling black referees for the world’s most lucrative pforfessional sports league. It’s all really stupid when considering that 75% of the players are black. Millions of people will watch and root for all-black teams, but somehow the system is racist because blacks couldn’t blow a whistle together?

Since the whole world has access to the courtroom proceedings in Minneapolis, we are also now witnessing race play a role in a new light. While Attorney General Keith Ellison is a black man, there are plenty of white individuals on his team attempting to charge Derek Chauvin with murder. But, they’re white! White men are evil, and when they put on police uniforms allegedly want to kill every black person. How can Ellison have untrusty white devils on his legal team, let alone even sit next to them? And, where are the women lawyers? I only saw men. It’s almost like he brought people onboard based on legal acumen and merit as opposed to race- and sex-based identities. Imagine that.

Race hustling and wokeism is based on convenience, scoring easy points culturally, and filling a gigantic personal void. For convenience, look no further than the cool hipsters that catch an Uber after a night out at expensive bars. When they are about to pass out curbside, do they wait for the transgender BIPOC driver to take them home in the latest turd of an electric vehile, or do they set up a pick-up location and hop in as soon as the first driver accepts their request? You tell me.

As far as the opening example of our military going woke, when a domestic or foreign foe eventually attacks (and it will), will this nation be praying for soldiers outfitted in the most diverse ranks possible, or will it be grateful for the best soldiers regardless of pigmentation and phalluses. The same can obviously be said of anyone that calls 9-1-1. Has anyone ever asked for a mixed-race (preferably of BIPOC heritage), transgender police officer? “Yes, he has a gun; no, I’ll wait until Chastity’s shift starts.” Ridiculous.

The world has gone mad, but wokies are too self-absorbed and too ignorant to notice their constant hypocrisy. Call it out, and they get upset and defensive. They rarely get reflective. However, we cannot relent. Before your brainwashed niece has a chance to decry capitalism, rugged individualism, the scientific method, or the police, demand that she delete her social media accounts, sell her smartphone, trade in her car for a mule, knit her own clothes, stop wearing a bra (because a man invented them!), pitch a tent in the crummiest part of town, and pray to God that the kind souls she envisions inhabiting Skid Row don’t try injecting her with used needles or do something worse to her body. See how long that lasts.

When it’s easy, race is blamed for the ills of the world. When it counts, though, merit is still the most valued currency. Even the woke recognize that.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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