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CNN is the Real Threat to Democracy

On Sunday, President Donald Trump delivered a very interesting speech at CPAC which you have no doubt heard of by now. Nothing in the President’s speech was surprising, as he spent most of the speech drawing a sharp contrast between Biden’s failures and his presidency. We all had to know that the mainstream media would find some way to twist his words.

In their response to Trump’s speech, CNN said that Trump was issuing a new threat to American democracy. They attacked the president for his “lack of remorse” for the events that happened at the US Capitol. Then they said that the President intends to attempt and suppress votes in the 2024 election as he considered running again.

They painted the Trump speech as a revenge speech, which some could argue it would be after the way the Republican Party treated the former President. He was abandoned by many of the establishment in the party as they attempted to move on without him in the days after the election.

While CNN was caught up in trying to spin Trump’s speech to continue to damage him, they proved one thing. The real threat to American democracy is CNN themselves.

Throughout the article, they talked about how the country was focusing on more important things, like COVID vaccine distribution. A vaccine that would not even be here were it not for President Donald Trump’s decision to push private businesses to develop it through Operation Warp Speed.

CNN and the rest of the mainstream media outlets all refused to acknowledge any of the accomplishments of Trump. Instead, they chose to continue to attack him with character attacks.

They completely ignored the fact that President Donald Trump asked for peace ahead of the events at the Capitol. He stated in the speech that he requested National Guard troops, but the request was denied. While Trump talked about examples of voter fraud, they accused him of racist banter with how he approached it.

They talked multiple times of negligence that they accused President Donald Trump of having, all the while ignoring their own negligence. Rather than simply reporting a story, they spun the story and continued to push left-wing rhetoric.

The Trump speech was filled with stories of America first, American prosperity, and American greatness. CNN and the rest of their legacy counterparts cannot stand such stories. It’s why they continually attack those on the Right, calling people like Rush Limbaugh and President Donald Trump bigots. These left-wing radical propaganda pushers have no love for our country or to see America win.

So tell me what is the bigger threat to Democracy? Is it a man who puts his love for this country on display time and again, sacrificing no doubt billions of dollars as he volunteered to do? Or is it a “free” media that cannot do anything but work hand in hand with a bunch of communist wanna-be’s to attempt to destroy our nation?

If you are like me, the real threat to democracy is not the man named Donald Trump. The real threat to American democracy is these left-wing radicals who cannot see any good in being American.

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Jared Dyson

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