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‘Border is Under Attack’: Rancher Says Illegal Immigrants Repeatedly Causing Property Damage, Trashing Land

Illegal immigrants have torn down fences, left “bricks of marijuana” and even stolen vehicles from a ranch near Carrizo Springs, Texas, and it’s happening more frequently since the election of President Joe Biden, a rancher told the Daily Caller News Foundation Wednesday.

The changes in visible foot traffic around the ranch increased in the months leading up to the transfer of power when Biden was making promises and after he took office, Brock Wilkerson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Wilkerson, a native of south Texas, has leased the ranch just outside Carrizo Springs for hunting and cattle ranching for around 15 years.

“It’s not a safe environment, I can guarantee you that,” Wilkerson told the DCNF. He added that run-ins were sporadic over the last 15 years where tracks were found about every few weeks, but recently he’s seen between seven and 10 sets of tracks appear over a two-day period.

The ranch is located in Carrizo Springs, about 30 miles from the Eagle Pass Port of Entry at the southern border, according to Wilkerson. He said that immigrants have frequently cut the fence at the ranch’s perimeter in order to access the highway where they can be picked up while avoiding checkpoints.

“We, fortunately, are capable of doing a lot of things on our own but this past week we had to replace approximately 100 yards of fence and because of the way the damage was done it took us about a full day,” Wilkerson told the DCNF.

Illegal immigrants previously stole a Jeep off the ranch and drove it to San Antonio, Texas, Wilkerson told the DCNF. Illegal immigrants have “literally cut into the house, they found a steel saw and did thousands of dollars worth of damage to get inside the house,” Wilkerson said.

“The trash alone is astronomical, you would never believe … I could probably go out to the ranch right now and find 50 to 80 backpacks,” Wilkerson told the DCNF. He added that trespassers have torn up deer blinds, and left plastic tarps and water bottles scattered across the ranch and that a neighboring ranch has experienced similar problems.

CBP did not respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.

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  1. To all US citizens living on or near our southern border,

    I am so very sorry you are having to suffer “Biden’s open borders”. It is pure INSANITY!! Our problem with the current administration is two-fold. STUPIDITY nor INSANITY can be cured or fixed!!!! In my opinion, to close the border, we the people will have to do it.

  2. Yes, and the sad part is the rest of the country is going to feel the effects of this insanity. These people will spread out all over the country. Rape and murder some, kill others in drunk driving crashes, and slice up others just like the MS 13 gang did on Long Island in New York under the obama administration. Xi Xiang Biden and all the rest of those demonrats hate the United States and it’s citizens. But I do blame a lot of this on people who vote demonrats every election. Chuck Schumer has been there for YEARS.

  3. If only an invoice for the property damage could be sent to the Biden administration. Seems only fair.

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