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Biden’s Executive Order Threatens My Granddaughter, And All Girls In America

The entire idea of having separate men’s and women’s sporting events was to allow girls and women to compete on an equal basis against equally trained and prepared opponents.
So then, why would girls spend hours practicing, working and training to perfect their desired sporting event in an effort to become the best that they can be, when suddenly their competitors are biological males of their own age who are significantly stronger than they are, which means they are more likely to lose in competition with these males? Now Joey’s executive order cancels any chance girls may have to excel in a sport and win competitions.

The educational and career futures of many girls depends on their winning competitions, getting college scholarships so they can advance in their desired sporting event and become champions in their fields, with an eye on possibly entering an Olympic competition one day. But with the stronger, faster, bigger boys and men competing against them, their hard work and painfully achieved sports abilities are completely wasted.

And beyond consideration of what Joey’s foolish executive order does to individual females and their futures, how can the nation of America possibly have female competitors entered in international Olympics events, when the young girls and women who trained in those events are eliminated from advancement by having to compete with boys and men?

In Soviet era Olympic competition, the East German “women” were eliminated from competition after blood tests showed that they had been injected with testosterone and other drugs that made them faster or stronger than women not injected with these drugs, and now the American idiot-left, headed by Joey Biden, wants actual men to enter into women’s competitions with the rest of the world. One seriously doubts that the judges at Olympic events will allow America to have a competitor in a women’s event when the competitor is an actual biological male. Joey and his party are complete fools for doing something so completely insane, and this travesty will not only hurt girls and women who want to compete domestically or internationally, it will make America the misogynistic laughing stock of the world.

Thanks a lot, Joey.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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