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Biden Still Travels With A Silent, Masked Phantom Lurking Over His Right Shoulder

During the few campaign appearances that Joey Biden made in 2020, it was hard to miss the strange, masked, spooky image standing in the shadows, always at Joey’s right-rear, just standing there, mysteriously watching and listening.

The masked visitor is Kamala Harris, but why she appeared in the shadows so mysteriously was never clear. Trump made speeches without Pence looking over his shoulder. Bush made appearances without Cheney being near. And Obama didn’t need the confused Biden to appear at his talks.

Kamala Harris attends Joey whether he is at home or traveling away from D.C. Aren’t the president and the vice president supposed to keep some distance between them so an accident won’t take them both out and allow Pelosi to become dictator?

But now we know the reason that the weak, unstable, unbalanced Biden has his masked shepherd always at hand; in case he slips or falls, or in case he gets locked into an elongated stutter and can’t break out of it. Or, heaven forbid, that Joey should make some inappropriate comments, like, maybe telling the truth about his policies and plans for America. On those occasions, Kamala could step forward and tell us what Joey really meant by his statements and what American policy really is, in spite of Joey’s own words.

Americans have every right to know who is running their government and who is making decisions on policy. The southern border is collapsing with thousands of immigrants invading our nation and thousands of children being threatened with child molesters, and no one in the administration seems to care, and no one would even think to suggest reversing this failed policy of Joey so our nation can have the relative tranquility of the Trump policies at the border.

But Democrats are seeking future voters, so they will make no move to stop the flow of people seeking a life in America, even though they continue to tell the world what a racist, terrible place American is. The immigrants know better, and they are expressing the heaven that America is with their feet and their suffering along the dangerous trek north.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I think one day when he fumbles on camera during a major address he will be gently interrupted and taken off stage by Secret Service agents and Harris will come forward and finish the remarks. Biden will not be seen for a few days until he announces his resignation from the Presidency. I think that is how this will be done, no congressional hearings, testing, or examinations, just gone. This may be the reason for a later State of the Union address, this may be why it has been delayed, give the guy at least 100 days in office.

  2. I always have a feeling he might be frightened by her. When he was at the American Asian meeting and spoke into the cameras he sounded guilty that he was doing the talking and not Kamelalala since she was smarter than he was. And as she cackled he spoke to her as if apologizing that he didn’t. I don’t remember exactly what he said but she laughed even harder. What a shame this is going on. We all see what’s coming.

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