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Vanity Fair Says White Supremacy is Not About Being white Anymore

In a recent article, one Vanity Fair writer decided to address white supremacy and how it is no longer about just being white. Tarisai Ngangura wrote the piece that appeared online on Tuesday where she tied conservatives, white supremacists, Trump supporters, the Proud Boys, and Christians together into one group.

The point of the article was trying to say that far-right extremism has made itself attractive to people of color. The writer was saying that it becomes a challenge to combat white supremacy when so many people of color have flocked to right-wing “extremism” as a means to stay close to power.

The underlying message of the article is the issue, however. Time and again those on the right have denounced white supremacy. Even Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio, has denounced white supremacy. From politicians, activist groups, and even everyday Americans, each and everyone one of them has said racism has no place in society.

That simply is not good enough for the Left. This is not about white supremacy at all. It’s about how you can tie anyone on the right to some form of extremism to further divide the nation.

Throughout her ridiculous article, Ngangura builds the case against the group Proud Boys. She tries to justify the stance of minorities in the group as accepting the fact that the system is rigged to benefit Whites. She even quotes one researcher that said these minorities have simply decided that proximity to power is better than no power at all.

Perhaps they should give some thought that these people of color are simply tired of the lies and mistreatment of the Left. Perhaps they should consider that they are finally seeing that conservatives, who fought for their freedom from the beginning, are actually giving them a chance for success.

Ngangura tries to tie anyone and everyone on the right into an image of white supremacy. In the article, those who support President Donald Trump are mentioned. Christianity is mentioned as a breeding ground for extreme right-wing ideology. In other words, if you are against the Left’s agenda, you are an extremist.

One of the most ridiculous lines in the entire article referred to the idea of meritocracy. In the statement, Ngangura writes, “At its core, the prosperity doctrine of white supremacy is a function of the American idea of meritocracy—that success comes to those who work hard enough. Anyone can buy into that, regardless of whether the system truly works for them.”

So to suggest that working hard will help you achieve success is white supremacy. The underlying message is that whites in America have things given to them, while anyone else has to work for it. How ridiculous and asinine.

Of course, what would we expect from a writer who has claimed that American exceptionalism is going to be the death of everyone.

How can anyone make the argument that belief in small government, the sanctity of life, low taxes, and a God who loves everyone is racist? How is it even possible to consider that you should be handed everything in life for free based on the color of your skin? That, in its very suggestion, is racist.

Racism is not defined by a political ideology or a faith. Do I believe that racism may still exist in our country? Absolutely, but it is nothing like it was 50 years ago. Even Clarence Henderson, a civil rights hero and activist, recently said that racism today is nothing like what he experienced in his youth.

White supremacy is not built in the foundations of our country. Systemic racism and white supremacy is not found in law enforcement, widespread in Christianity, or even in Trump supporters. Racism and white supremacy in America today is mostly found among left-wing radical ideologists like Ngangura herself.

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