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Trump’s Impeachment Trial is Not About Emotions, Even Though That is What Democrats Are Making It

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the mainstream media went crazy discussing ‘distressing’ and ’emotional’ videos that the Democrats had brought to the impeachment hearing. On Wednesday, they made a really big deal about the never before seen video of the Capitol rioters. Most said that Republican Senators were ‘moved’ by the presentations.

Nothing in this impeachment trial is about emotions or ‘moving’ someone to the point of conviction. People were emotionally moved on Sunday for the Super Bowl, but you do not see us trying to convict football fans for their passion. The same goes with church services, although the Left would seemingly like to make that illegal.

The truth is this trial is not about emotional stories and distressing remembrance. It’s about the evidence and the Constitution of the United States.

Just because a Republican Senator may feel moved, it does not give them any rights to go against the Constitution and to convict President Donald Trump in this ridiculous impeachment trial.

That is not me talking as an overblown Trump supporter. That is me simply stating the facts that there is no precedent that the Senate has any power to impeach a President that is no longer in office. The Democrats will claim this was a “bipartisan effort” with the Republicans that abandoned the rest of their party, but more on that later.

Another question that we are left with after the emotionally stirring videos is who is really on trial here? While the Democrats want to make this about President Donald Trump, the video has nothing to do with President Donald Trump. They want to claim that he “incited” the rioters, but that’s difficult to prove.

He never once said go and overthrow the Capitol and attempt to overthrow the US government. He told them to “fight like hell” which is the same words used by many people, including Joe Biden.

We also have to give consideration to what the mainstream media is calling a Republican Senator. The ones cited by nearly every website was Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Bill Cassidy. There are really no surprises there.

Each of these Senators went against the Constitution. They made an emotionally charged decision to support the continuance of the impeachment trial. That should be enough that President Donald Trump and many others on the Right will target them in upcoming elections.

While the Democrats want to hold Trump responsible for the actions of others, it’s impossible to do so. He did not give them a direct order to attack or attempt to overthrow the government. He did not support the insurrection, multiple times tweeting that he wanted peace.

Republicans should also not feel that they must make an emotionally charged decision once again. This is not about the actions of the rioters or videos about the events of that day. This is about the actions of President Donald Trump and the Constitution of the United States.

Like him or not, the evidence is clear. Trump asked for peace and never once said overthrow the government. But you will never hear a Democrat tell you that.

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