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Top 10 Reasons for Conservatives to be Optimistic

The Blue State Conservative

As noted in November’s Top 10 list, the month of February has few redeeming qualities. Februarys are to years, what Mondays are to weeks, and today you’re being treated to both; it’s a Monday in February… oh, joy. So after an awful 2020, and an even worse January, let’s focus on the positives. The glass is half-full folks, and here are the Top 10 reasons for conservative optimism. 

#10 – Alternatives to the mainstream media continue to emerge –

Remember the good old days when the media was truly impartial and were fair in their reporting on both major parties? Yeah, me neither. When the media covers Joe Biden and other Democratic leaders, it’s similar to a rendezvous between Rep. Eric Swallwell (D-CA) and his Chinese spy, only more erotic. When they’re forced to report on Republicans, however, they act as if they’re performing an exorcism. But that extreme bias is backfiring. Upstart media outlets are gaining traction, and Americans have more options than ever before to access news and opinion from non-traditional sources, including sites like The Blue State Conservative.  Additionally, almost 75 million Americans voted for Donald Trump in November, in what was one of the closest elections in history. The mainstream media is losing influence, and conservative outlets are standing by to fill that void. 

#9 – We still have the Senate filibuster –

The U.S. Senate is split down the middle with fifty Democrats and fifty Republicans, meaning Vice-President Kamala Harris, who also serves as Senate President per the Constitution, will be the tie-breaking vote. Both Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have gone on the record stating their opposition to abolishment of the filibuster. Provided the filibuster remains intact, Democrats will be unable to implement the most radical aspects of their agenda (court packing, adding Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. as states, etc.), and will instead be forced to rely on President Biden using executive orders and the budget reconciliation process to apply their policies. Yes, they’ll still be able to damage the country, but that damage will be significantly less than it would have been without the filibuster. 

#8 – The days of the COVID pandemic are numbered –

Almost one million people per day are getting vaccinated and herd immunity is around the corner. That’s good news regardless of your political ideology. Democrats will, of course, try to downplay any credit for Republicans and President Trump, and they will no doubt succeed with their leftist base. Three cheers for President Biden, they’ll demand. But politics in America is all about the middle; the undecided/independent voter. As the pandemic fizzles out, many independents will recognize that the vaccines were a result of the Trump Administration and not the Biden Administration; and that’s a very good thing. 

#7 – The Republican Party has a slew of excellent prospects to step up as new leaders –

When your party is in control of the Executive Branch, as is the case with the Democratic Party, then your leader is automatically the President of the United States; it’s non-debatable. Therefore, for at least the next four years, the leader of the Democratic Party will be Joe Biden, or perhaps Kamala Harris. One is a senile buffoon who only won because voters despised Donald Trump so much, and the other is highly unlikeable and was such a poor candidate for President she was polling fifth in her home state of California before dropping out of the primary race in December 2019. Backing up the two of them is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who has the IQ of a salamander and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who will be approximately 105-years old for the next election cycle. Republicans meanwhile have a slew of bright new faces including former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton; and many more. The future of the GOP looks bright. 

#6 – The economy is poised to continue thriving –

Similar to the COVID pandemic with the ongoing vaccines, thanks largely to President Trump America is positioned to enjoy an economic boom, and that’s good for everyone, regardless of what party you belong to. Will Biden and the Democrats try to take credit? Of course, and we can’t blame them. But any economic surge in the next few months will be due to the subsiding of the COVID pandemic and a natural bounce back to pre-pandemic levels; the V-shaped recovery we had already been riding. And again, many if not most independent voters will recognize the reality of the situation and give credit where it is due. 

#5 – The Democratic Party has serious instability issues –

In December, the aforementioned Rep. Ocasio-Cortez was jockeying to join the House’s Energy and Commerce Committee, a much sought after position. Democrats held a vote by secret ballot, and Ocasio-Cortez lost badly to moderate Kathleen Rice (D-NY). There is trouble in paradise. On one side they have high-profile leftists like AOC and Sanders with scores of brainwashed social media zombies who follow them, and on the other side they have moderates who are the primary reason Democrats even have a majority in the House. With Biden in the White House, we should expect to see this fissure worsen with control of their party in the balance. Get your popcorn ready, it could be very fun to watch.


#4 – 2022 is right around the corner –

Yes, I know… carpe diem, seize the day… don’t concern yourself with the past or the future. But it’s hard not to smile when we consider the possibility of what might happen in two years. Democrats in the House of Representatives barely held onto their majority last November, and the party in power almost always loses ground in mid-term elections. Further cause for optimism is the fact that Speaker of the House Nutty Nancy Pelosi seems oblivious to the situation, and insisted that not only did she not deserve blame for Democrats losing double-digit seats in November – in what was supposed to be a “blue wave,” remember – but she actually deserved credit for hanging onto control. Pay no attention to reality, Nancy. Control of the House is there for the taking for Republicans I 2022. 

#3– We should have plenty to laugh about for the next four years –

The mainstream media will inevitably ignore every President Biden misstep and mischaracterize each as simply a “gaffe.” A gaffe, however, implies that a mistake is merely an understandable slip-up, and Biden’s mistakes are often much worse than just slip-ups. Joe Biden is a numbskull and has been as long as he’s been in public life, and his obvious senility will only compound matters. Is it nice to laugh at disoriented senior citizens? Ordinarily, no, but it’s funny as hell in this case. And let’s not forget, Biden has been vicious and utterly dishonest in his attacks on Republicans over the years. We deserve to have a little laughter at Creepy Joe’s expense, and we’re certain to have quite a bit more than just ‘a little.’ The mainstream media kept a running tally for four years of each of President Trump’s so-called “lies.” Conservative media outlets should take the baton and start a similar list of Biden’s stupidity-on-display. When he tells us how much he loves being in Indiana as he walks into Buckingham Palace, add it to the list. When he refers to a Saudi Arabian prince as Vladimir, add it to the list. 

#2 – Donald Trump increased his support in November’s election in every demographic but one –

The fact that the one demographic which Trump did not improve on compared to 2016 was “white men” is the single-most ironic electoral statistic in recent memory. That bigoted, evil, orange man – President Trump – doubled his support among black women, for instance, and support from Latino men surged to 36%; over one-third of such voters. Trump showed Republicans the recipe for winning minority votes, and it’s not by kowtowing to them by promising handouts. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and whites all want the same thing: prosperity, security and the protection of their rights. Let’s hope the next generation of GOP leaders was paying attention, because President Trump just completed a four-year course on how to woo minority voters.


#1 – We still live in America, the greatest country on God’s green earth –

And the greatest nation that has ever existed. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been an American your entire life, or if you just became a citizen last week. If you are an American, you are truly blessed. America isn’t Joe Biden, just like America wasn’t Donald Trump; America is us. Our republic and its standard of living is still the envy of the world, and with any luck, this current nightmare will only last another three years, eleven months, and ten days.

Image courtesy of Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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