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The Nation Suffers When Presidential Pique Determines National Policy

President Trump built a wall along our southern border to protect Americans and to keep bad guys out of our nation. Joe Biden threatens to tear down this wall, just because President Trump built it.

President Trump approved of completing the Keystone pipeline to ensure that America would be energy independent from Arab nations for our energy needs. Biden shutdown the pipeline because Trump approved of it.

The radical-left ANTIFA and BLM groups are renewing their terrorist tactics on American cities, and are now blaming Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, for their violent actions. But Joe Biden can’t take federal measures to stop this leftist idiocy and violence, because all summer long Biden and the Democrat party energized their violent, anti-American base by blaming Trump for the attacks from coast-to-coast across America, and it appears he got many votes based on the lie of Trump dividing America. So I guess American is stuck with Biden and the ANTIFA violence until we get another Republican president who will stop this national tragedy of watching cities burn and doing nothing about it.

President Trump pushed for, and got, tax cuts for every American so they could keep more of their own money and spend that money to the benefit and pleasure of American citizens. Joe Biden is angling to raise taxes on all Americans because he thinks government can spend that money better and more wisely than stupid Americans; and because Trump lowered taxes.

President Trump ordered the covid lockdown of America because his medical advisors, all of whom are dependent on and subservient to the D.C. swamp, predicted millions of American deaths that would be on Trump’s conscience if he didn’t order the lockdown. But Trump quickly recognized that the lockdown was much worse on the economy and on the health of the nation than the disease was, and said he would not impose another lockdown and wanted the masking to be discouraged. Now Biden has ordered masking of America for 100 more days and is keeping the lockdown as a backup in case he wants to re-impose it again, because masking is a stick in the backside of Donald Trump and is of no aid nor protection against the disease.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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