The Impeachment Trial Is Unnecessary, Petty, and a Distraction to the Country

The election is over. Joe Biden is now in office. Unfortunately, it appears that the party in power is still focused on the last Administration. They waste precious time and resources putting a President on trial who is not even in office anymore. The reality is that this is an unnecessary political distraction. Has Donald Trump impeached for a second time? What are the consequences this is going to have on the country? What does this mean for the Democratic party in the future?

Can You Even Try a President Who Has Left Office?

One of the biggest questions is whether you can even try a president who is no longer in office. Donald Trump left office once Joe Biden was inaugurated. Many people are wondering if you can even try a president who is no longer in office. Furthermore, what is the point? The point of impeaching a president and putting him on trial is to remove him from office. He is not even in office anymore! Therefore, what are we even doing as a country? Without a doubt, this is something that the former president’s lawyers will argue during the impeachment trial.

This Is an Unnecessary Distraction for the Country

The past four years have been turbulent. There is no denying that. At the same time, the country needs to stop this petty foolishness and come together. Regardless, we have more in common with each other than we make differences; however, this impeachment trial will continue to focus on our differences. If we want this country to come together, heal, and move forward, there must be unity. Remember that through unity, there is always a strength. Unfortunately, it appears one party is focusing on the past instead of trying to move forward. If we want the United States to return to leadership, we have to do better.

What About the True Issues Facing the Country?

Even though it appears that the Democrats are focused on getting revenge for the past four years, the people who are genuinely going to pay the price will be the American people. There are many significant issues that the country is facing right now. This includes an economic crisis, a medical crisis, and issues regarding leadership on the international stage. Congress only has how much time with which to tackle these issues. If we spend all of this time impeaching a president who is no longer in office, these issues will not be addressed. As a result, the American people are going to pay the price.

Whatever Happens, the Democrats Will Own It

Right now, the Democrats control the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives. They are in total control of everything. Therefore, they have to take responsibility for everything that happens shortly. No matter what happens with the impeachment trial, the Democrat party will own not only that but everything else that happens in the country. It will be interesting to see the events of the next few months unfold.

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