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If Democrats Believed What They Claimed, Andrew Cuomo Would Resign

The multitude of issues facing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo continues to grow. What was once a scandal involving a bad decision during a pandemic leading to thousands of deaths has now grown into a situation where Cuomo is accused of sexual misconduct by two different women. A few New York Democrats have demanded his resignation while others across the country have remained silent.

Their silence is very interesting indeed. Just a few years ago, those same Democrats were issuing calls for immediate removals of former President Donald Trump amid the Stormy Daniels situation. They were calling for Brett Kavanaugh to immediately withdraw from the nomination to the Supreme Court without any evidence to suggest anything ever happened. Where is their passion now?

Where is their belief that all women should be heard and believed, no matter what? Even Andrew Cuomo made a similar comment during the Kavanaugh time, saying that the accusers should be believed and that he would be fighting for them.

Instead, he is now fighting for himself and a completely different narrative. Rather than admitting nothing happened, he has simply said his actions were misinterpreted and he has directed an investigation to happen.

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Gov. Cuomo statement on allegations raised by former aide Charlotte Bennet: he’s calling for an outside review pic.twitter.com/eMvccceGXE

Out of curiosity, have you ever heard of a time when someone accused gets to choose their own judge and jury? Neither have I. Rather than allowing the state legislature to direct an independent investigation, or simply admitting and resigning, Cuomo is vowing to continue to fight against these ladies. The same ladies that the MeToo movement said that we must believe at all costs.

If the Democrats believed any of the garbage that they spread during the Kavanaugh nomination and the Trump presidency, they would be fighting against this and calling for Cuomo to resign. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer would both come out and say that they believe these women and support them. They would say the same things as before, Cuomo should do the right thing and step down.

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said that it all came down to if we valued women during the Kavanaugh hearing. Apparently, she doesn’t, because she has remained silent about the situation as well.

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It all comes down to this question: Do we value women?Dr. Christine Blasey Ford deserves to tell her story. She deserves respect and a full investigation. https://t.co/Eck8sxnsgL

Instead, all of these Democrats are going to remain silent. They laid out ridiculous claims against those on the right time and again, but do not believe them for themselves when it comes down to it. They simply spread the story and push an agenda. An agenda that is all about politics and hurting their political opposition.

Not one single Democrat was sincere in their belief of these women as part of the MeToo movement. Not one single Democrat believed and stood by their words to fight for these women and to fight against sexual misconduct. If they did, they would be standing and fighting in this situation when they are silent. If the mainstream media believed it, they would cover it nonstop. Instead, they are downplaying and blocking the story.

How many more examples do we need to prove that the Left is not interested in American’s best interest or in doing the right thing? How many more examples do we need to prove their corruption and their own double standard before their voters start to recognize and walk away? Perhaps it is simply a situation that we live in a country where no one cares about ethics and morality anymore unless it is convenient.

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