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Dictators Cannot Be Negotiated With

A dictator is someone who is completely and entirely dedicated to retaining the total power he has attained. There is no quarter given to anyone who threatens his rule and his power, and there is never any negotiating with any such person. He rules and you must obey. That’s why today’s Democrats are so successful when dealing with Republicans. They are cohesive, always stick together, will not allow criticism or debate of their policy decisions, and understand the roles they are playing in the longer game of governing: their cohesiveness permits them to present a united front, which Republicans cannot ever penetrate or weaken.

Republicans serve for the purpose of seeking the best policies for the nation and to serve and further the constitution, not for the purpose of dominating and ruling. So when trying to negotiate in a legislative body with the Democrats, or trying to debate on CNN or in the pages of the New York Times, Republicans nearly always lose, because Democrats will not negotiate on a subject that can limit or undermine their power.

Joey Biden killed the Keystone pipeline along with its thousands of jobs, because the far left of his party want their green new deal to be implemented immediately. You can explain the weakness of the executive order that caused this employment disaster all day long, telling Democrats of the jobs lost, the homes and cars lost by the people working on the pipeline, the national security damaged because of our new dependence on the Arab nations for oil, and it all falls on deaf ears. Democrats have the power to implement policy and they’ll use it to their own political ends, period!

Defunding the police is another area where the Democrat far left will rule no matter what the negative result. Even after firing many police officers and seeing crime escalate as a result, they stick with the plan. They’ll even have to hire new people to fill in and try to halt the increase in crime, but they’ll insist on defunding the police anyway.

At the border, we know that allowing vast numbers of illegals to cross into America will take jobs from Americans, cause crime to escalate, spread diseases and cause poverty throughout the nation. But Democrats still encourage and welcome the caravans entering our nation, against the will of the citizens of America, because the presence of immigrants means more votes for Democrats, thereby giving them more ruling power.

Currently the Democrat party dominates our government and has already begun to inflict harm on our nation and our citizens with a string of ill-thought executive orders, so we’ll have to wait and see if Democrats will allow any further elections to be held that are not fraught with fraud, or will they return to their fraudulent practices of the 2020 election.

Trying to negotiate with dictators is a losing proposition, so Republicans can only wait for a fair election to be held in 2022 and hope that the ruling dictators will not be able to fraudulently win all future elections.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Dave,

    You are so correct in the article, there is no negotiation. It’s either my way or the highway mentality. We are facing the same issues with Whitmer, our Michigan governor. She has been following poor scientific advice and refuses to disclose the covid data and modeling relied on from the University of Michigan. There is no reasoning with her as she has destroyed the restaurant industry in Michigan.


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