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Black Lives Matter Has Ridiculous Fundraising Haul in 2020

Black Lives Matter, the self-declared racial equality group, revealed an astonishing cash haul for the year 2020. In a report released to The Associated Press, Black Lives Matter says it took in over $90 million in the year 2020.

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A financial snapshot shared exclusively with @AP shows the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation took in just over $90 million in 2020. The group hopes to be known for more than just protests. They want to see Black communities thriving.

The 2020 report is the first time that the organization has released any financial details to the public. Average donations were just over $30 each with approximately 10% of the donations being recurring donations. The organization boasts over $60 million in the bank and refused to state who were its largest donors in the report.

While the organization established many grants as part of its efforts, it seems to have no clear mission or vision for the remainder of the funds. The group has remained largely silent since President Joe Biden took office in January. The organization was active, receiving near nonstop coverage from the mainstream media during the Trump administration.

The organization is known for its regular protests, corresponding riots, and its endless support from Democrats across the country. While the group may claim to want to see Black communities thriving, their actions tell an entirely different story.

In many of the cities where Black Lives Matter protested in 2020, the results were utter chaos and disaster. Among the results were billions of dollars in damages, countless damage to business and property, and many lives were lost.

Many on the left have argued that the organization is “a mostly peaceful” organization. Many Democrats spent time joining in the protests and supporting the organization’s mission. Many on the right argued for the organization to be labeled as domestic terrorism.

The organization boasts of its background as a Marxist group. One of its co-founders bragged about her training as a Marxist and expressed her support of the communist movement last year.

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