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A Double Standard In Florida

It seems that no matter what he does right now, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis comes under attack from the Left. One thing is for sure, if you are being attacked by the Left, you must be doing something right!

He has been attacked for his coronavirus response, which is as good or better than that of the Democrat-led states of California and New York. While they have shut down their states, he has maintained his state as an open state. One of the bigger issues that I see down in Florida may involve this a little, but it’s a display of a double standard in the state that is simply not tolerable.

The issue comes as DeSantis took a step as the governor and ordered that flags be lowered out of respect to Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh, a resident of Florida, was a conservative and a big influence in the political arena. There were many on the Left that said the order should have never been placed.

Florida state law says that the Governor has the power to order flags to half-staff. In the state statute, it says that it can be lowered “upon the death of high-ranking state officials, uniformed law enforcement and fire service personnel, and prominent citizens.” Limbaugh is obviously a prominent citizen in the state of Florida as he was loved by millions around the country.

The Left will simply not have it. They view Limbaugh as a bigot and a divisive figure. They want to make sure that at all costs, this man is not honored. They have insulted him, belittled him, attacked him, and more since his death.

The Agricultural Commissioner took it a step further. Democrat Nikki Fried ordered that all offices under her leadership ignore the order by the governor and refuse to lower their flags out of respect.

The Democrats have spent the last year telling us that we should listen to our government and trust that they know best. They have said that shutdowns and lockdowns were the only way to go and that we must obey those orders. But apparently, orders from the government only apply if you agree with them politically.

No doubt this is news to millions of conservatives that live under Democrat rule. They have been forced to live in restrictions and mandates that simply could be ignored because they do not like the person that gave them. Do you see the ridiculous side of this argument?

At a time to show respect for someone, they have made the death political. It’s part of their hatred of conservatives and the mission to eliminate them from society.

The Left has openly sponsored domestic terrorism as they have encouraged Antifa and Black Lives Matter to violate government orders. They have encouraged these groups that have openly destroyed businesses, property, and have been responsible for taking lives. Again, you only need to obey the laws and orders of the land if you are a conservative and a Democrat is in charge.

You can also consider the Capitol riots here as well. Would their actions have been acceptable if they were openly fighting for social justice causes and against government fascism? Absolutely not, because law and order only apply to those on the right.

Time and again the Left displays their bigotry of conservatives without one ounce of accountability from their side. The double standard that they impose is ridiculous, but it’s part of their plan. They really hate DeSantis and are scared of him.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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Jared Dyson

Jared Dyson is the Editor-in-Chief at The Liberty Loft and host of The Jared Dyson Show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, or iHeart Radio. 

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  1. I’ll take our Harvard Graduate over the Plagiariser and Thief any day of the week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday……

  2. The problem is that the workers keep giving the power to the wrong person. Who is the highest official in each state ? The governor, so why don’t the workers follow the orders of the governor ?
    Why didn’t the governor fire the commissioner ? If they let one lowly commissioner run the state then we all lose.

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