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7 Things You Need To Have In Order To Become An Immigration Agent

A migration agent is a professional specialized in providing support, legal help, and advice to foreigners who wants to move to Australia for business purpose, work, or study. These agents also help individuals who would like to relocate to Australia and obtain Australian citizenship. Melbourne based migration agents are responsible for advising and guiding their clients on obtaining migration documents and completing the relocation process smoothly.

Professional migration consultants must keep in touch with their clients and authorities via telephone, face-to-face meetings, and email. A migration agent must also be knowledgeable about the migration procedures and any other related legislation. The following are the must-have qualities for a professional migration agent.

Understand the Australian Migration Law

All Australian migration consultants must be familiar with the refugee and Australian immigration law. They must also have passed the Australian Regulatory Council skills examination. The Australian government requires all migration agents to undertake a professional training program and adhere to the set standards. These training programs are meant to prepare migration law students for various opportunities within the migration field. The course also prepares students to pass the Australian migration department’s assessment before they are issued with the Australian Immigration Consultancy designation.

Learn Second Languages

The Australian government requires all its migration consultants to be proficient in a second language to make it easier to engage with clients from various backgrounds. An Australian migration agent might find themselves interacting with non-English speakers. Proficiency in a second or third language could be an asset and can open up many opportunities for a migration agent. Practicing with people from your locality can help improve your proficiency in second and third languages. You could also enroll in a language course to learn new languages.

Obtain Education

The Australian government requires migration agents to read and understand migration laws. Candidates must complete a training program at an accredited vocational institution, college, or university to qualify to be a migration officer. Immigration colleges and vocational institutions teach students aspiring to become migration agents the practical and theoretical aspects required to guide and advise immigrants before they settle in Australia. The curriculum provides migration students with various aspects related to professional conduct and immigration law. These training programs also equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to run a successful consultancy firm and represent their clients. Australian migration agents can work and practice across the country or even outside the country. Migration law graduates can also work at various government agencies, consultancy firms, and immigration law firms.

Ability to Work in a Team

Teamwork is essential for the success of every migration agent. Migration processes involve huge workloads that only a team can handle. Therefore, a migration agent must be energetic, motivated, and able to work with other team members. Teamwork is all about fitting in a team and working with others efficiently and smoothly. The nature of the migration department requires staff members to compromise and build a relationship with others. They should also obtain the ability to communicate with others and inspire and encourage other team members.

Be Certified

Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) is the Australian government’s body mandated to advise migrants about visa application. It is a government agency responsible for regulating the country’s migration industry. MARA provides each Australian migration agent with a unique registration number to make it easier to keep the Australian migration industry under control. Australian migration agents need this registration number to be able to train and practice hassle-free and smoothly.

Valid Contact Details

The Australian government always advises its citizens to be wary of any migration agent who doesn’t have a valid office address or contact details. Clients should check the validity of their migrant agent’s contact details before hiring their services. Never be tempted to transact with a migration agent whose contact details are invalid.

Be Reputable

Reputable migration agents will always offer their clients a free assessment. So, clients should demand a face-to-face consultation with a migration agent so that they have time to discuss their situation with an expert. Clients should also research to make sure their migration agent is reputable. Dishonest migration agents in Melbourne are less likely to be hired during the visa application process.


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