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Will Real Conservatives Please Stand Up?

Charlotte, NC — In the past few days, Democrats have ratcheted up dangerous rhetoric against Republicans as they continue their mission to silence and remove anyone that opposes them from society. They are directly targeting several members of the House of Representatives as they seek to overrule the will of the people.

If that accusation sounds familiar, it should. That’s exactly what the Democrats accused President Donald Trump and Republicans of doing with his election fraud claims. Through their moves, we are learning exactly what Republicans are made of. Let me explain.

One great example is that of Madison Cawthorn, the freshman Republican representative from North Carolina. He is under attack from Democrats in his district in relation to events surrounding the certification of the Electoral College vote. Democrats from the 11th district have sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi requesting that a vote be brought to expel Cawthorn or that he be censured. So far, Pelosi has remained silent on the matter.

Cawthorn was one of the more outspoken supporters of the election challenges as he entered Congress as its youngest member. In a speech in December, he told a crowd of Turning Point USA attendees that he would be voting to oppose certification on January 6.

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Not doing this to help my career in Washington, in fact this will most likely harm it. But no one should go to Washington as a career. Go there to serve the people. And on behalf of the people I am contesting this election based on constitutional violations by key states.

Cawthorn has been outspoken against the violence that occurred at the Capitol, as have other Republican representatives. He publicly condemned the violence in multiple statements, even in his statement immediately following the attacks from the House floor.

Still, that is not enough for Democrats who seek to continue to use this event to destroy conservatives. After all, that is their ultimate mission and goal.

Cawthorn is not alone, multiple other Democrats are calling for the removal and censuring of Republicans for their support of the election challenge. Rep. Cori Bush filed a resolution to call for an investigation and the expulsion of anyone that questioned the election.

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I believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences. They have broken their sacred Oath of Office. I will be introducing a resolution calling for their expulsion. pic.twitter.com/JMTlQ4IfnR

Now I thought that the Democrats were the party of inclusion and acceptance. I thought that they were the party that invited alternate viewpoints and gave them a platform to share their ideas and values. That only applies if you can help promote their agenda.

Democrats are doing the very thing that they claimed that President Donald Trump was trying to do. They are attempting to remove elected representatives, against the will of the American people who voted to have them there.

Democrats for weeks have claimed that President Donald Trump and Republicans were trying to overturn an election and the duly elected President-elect Joe Biden. They claimed that the Republicans wanted to override the will of the people who voted. The entire time, everyone was asking for an investigation and confirmation that the election was not fraudulent, which one would think makes logical sense.

Cowardly Republicans are now running to hide from the events under pressure from Democrats. On Wednesday, 10 Republicans voted to impeach President Donald Trump as he was charged with inciting an insurrection, which is obviously a stretch of any imagination. Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) wrote a letter and apologized to his Black constituents.

As dangerous as the Democrat’s rhetoric is, so is the Republican enabling of their actions. If these congressional leaders truly believed that the election deserved to be investigated, they would not have stopped those calls simply due to the violence. When you believe in something, you simply do not give up because of some opposition.

We did not see Democrats give up on their demands for social justice, police reform, and equality because of a few riots at Black Lives Matter events. They remained committed to those efforts, even amid the controversy and opposition. While I do not agree with the causes of the Democrats, you can admire their dedication to what they believe in.

We are seeing that many Republicans do not have that dedication and commitment. They are too scared of losing their big donations, afraid of being censored by big tech, or worse, that they may lose reelection.

No longer are we simply looking for representation by someone in a single party. We are looking for real conservatives. Conservatives who are not afraid to stand for something, even when it is unpopular with the Democrats and mainstream media. Will some real conservatives please stand up?

The Search for Real Conservatives

For the second time in just over one year, President Trump was impeached by Democrats. He was charged with inciting insurrection, which is a stretch given that the statements he made have been said in a similar fashion by Democrats before. Still, they unanimously voted to impeach Trump a second time, convincing 10 Republicans to impeach him as well. There are a lot of questions as to what will happen in the Senate.

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  1. It’s sickening how this has all turned out. Demokrats win again. By hook or by crook they win, it must be their mantra. They use fear mongering to control their supporters and since it works so well they try to use it on their opponents. All they do is show us who is a conservative, the others are only part of the Republican party.

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