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When Democrats Or Tech-Giants Attack Trump, They Attack American Citizens

When Democrats colluded with the FBI around the lie of Trump colluding with Russia, the target was Donald Trump, but they also attacked all of the Americans who voted for Trump in the 2016 election when they tried to remove him illegally from office. Each and every day for four years we saw our president bombarded with accusations and charges that have by this late date been proven to be lies, that kept him from doing the business that Americans voted him into office to accomplish. And still the Democrats pursue him to the very end of his presidency like the blood-thirsty, rabid beasts they are.

When the tech giants prohibit Trump from tweeting, and when Apple, Amazon and Google collude to injure and eliminate one of their competitors, Parler, they are attacking all Americans who voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, and they are attacking the constitutional right of all Americans to exchange ideas and opinions on many different subjects.

The post-election series of conspiracies from Apple, Amazon and Google related to Parler is an intentional practice of restraint of trade by the tech giants. We need a RICO investigation of these colluding tech companies, and we must put one or all of their CEOs in jail for their crimes against our constitution and our anti-monopoly laws. Donald Trump is innocent of all charges alleged against him, but the CEOs of the tech companies are guilty as hell.

The political, radical left is even attacking Republican Senators, namely Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, for taking a side against Joe Biden’s election at the Congressional certification vote on January 5th. Senator Hawley has had a book deal killed by a major publisher because he doesn’t follow the leftist line of lies and prejudice against our constitution and against our duly elected President.

John D. Rockefeller and old Ma Bell must be turning over in their graves considering what Apple, Amazon and Google have done this last week. All John D. did was sell gas and oil to people who wanted it, and poor old AT&T was just leading the world in advanced telecommunications services and making sure that people could dependably stay in touch with one another, and both of these former giants was sued for restraint of trade and for colluding to create a monopoly, and they were broken up by our government. But the three tech giants we have to deal with today are also a monopoly and they are telling their select customers that they cannot practice free speech under our precious constitution, in America! Where are the trust-busters when we need them? Section 230 must be revoked so this monopoly can be broken up.

Is this nation in trouble, or what? And all of the trouble is coming from the political left.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. We need to take the money of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple and distribute it to the poor in America. These tech companies with their filthy rich CEOs have violated the civil right to freedom of speech for every American. They are treasonous and need to pay restitution.

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