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US Capitol Looks Like Military Camp As Biden Inauguration Nears

On Wednesday, new images emerged from the Washington, D.C. area that shows the area around the Capitol is taking on a more military-like appearance. Ahead of the impeachment vote and Inauguration Day, National Guard troops are being moved to the Capitol by the thousands. The move was in response to the violent riots just one week ago.

CNN shared images of military personnel with equipment around the Capitol and sleeping on the Capitol floor.

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This is what the Capitol looks like Wednesday morning with National Guard members deployed ahead of the House vote to impeach President Trump a second time https://t.co/PFMwD0FWca pic.twitter.com/SEoKV6q9vC

Fox News reports that the number of troops that will be deployed around the DC area will be 15 to 20,000 ahead of the Inauguration.

Fences have been erected around many monuments in Washington. The Washington Monument has been surrounded by fencing, as has the National Mall and the Capitol.

The FBI has shared that several threats have been made in regards to Impeachment, the 25th Amendment, and the Inauguration. Earlier this week, we shared that an FBI report was indicating that all 50 states could see planned events ahead of the inauguration.

The move to bring in the added security is not a surprise but is a change of heart for many Democrats. Many resisted using the National Guard to help calm riots in the summer of 2020 as Black Lives Matter and Antifa created havoc in cities across the country. Now, they want the added protection.

Typically, Americans take part in the Inauguration of the new President with a large outdoor event. The parade has already been canceled, and the crowds are expected to be much smaller due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions in place for gatherings. Biden is planning a major television event that night that will be broadcast to Americans.

Will Republicans Learn Their Lesson This Time

Republicans seem to have a struggle learning lessons. For four years, President Trump has taught them how the party can change its identity and move forward. Rather than learning, they put up a resistance. Some have suggested the only way forward is through a new party or through a new leader.

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