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Twitter CEO Caught on Video Admitting to Targeting Accounts

Charlotte, NC — Project Veritas has delivered yet again. This time, they have released an exclusive video of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sharing the plan to target accounts the week that the platform took aim at President Donald Trump.

The video was recorded by an employee whistleblower and provided to the organization. Dorsey shares in the video that just one account was being targeted for now, but that the moves the company was taking was much bigger than this.

He says that the action was going to take some time, specifically referring to the Q Anon bans that the company had conducted. He said that he expected the attacks on conservatives to go well beyond the inauguration. You can view the full video by Project Veritas below.

Twitter Insider Secretly Records CEO Jack Dorsey Detailing Agenda For Further Political Censorship

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Dorsey shared that the need was to see how these events worked for the long term plan. Which we can only obviously assume is the long-term plan to silence and remove conservatives permanently. (Related: BANNED: Twitter ‘Memory Holes’ CDN)

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  1. I know how difficullt it must be to come up with good material for publication on CDN, but this is one conservative who is tired of unjustified hype by many of the news and opinion sites. You need to hire some talent that can write good analyses of cultural issues that readily demonstrate how conservative Americans excel and/or how the Left is the source of most of the malcontent in the land.

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