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The Speech President Trump Should Have Given From The Ellipse

President Trump spoke to a massive crowd at The Ellipse in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021. The speech he gave was not the one most of us needed to hear and that will now only be remembered in relation to the Capitol Hill breach.

There is a speech, that I believe, he should have given. One looking forward and promising leadership. Showing America a way forward and a way to continue fighting the tone-deaf in D.C. This is the speech I was hoping he would give and wish he had given.

The Speech I Wish President Trump Had Given at The Ellipse

President Donald Trump:

I am speaking to all Americans today. Not just my supporters, like everyone here, but also those who didn’t vote for me. I am speaking to everyone who believes that both parties in Congress are tone-deaf.

First, the election is over. I believe some seriously fraudulent criminal acts took place to give Sleepy Joe the victory, but that’s the past. I am here to talk about how we fight back. I am here to share my vision for our future.

You see, all is not lost. Sure, Democrats will have control of the House, the Senate and the White House. But, not for long. The next election starts now and will be held in just a few months. That’s the battleground.

Republicans and Democrats alike have failed to represent a huge majority of you. Whether Black or White, Asian or Hispanic – no matter your concerns, they’ve done only what keeps them in power. They do not represent you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, a fry cook, a construction worker or an IT guy – they don’t care about you. They aren’t listening to you. It’s time to put together a party that will.

Citizens, countrymen, patriots and friends – I am laying the foundations for The American Party and I want you to join me as we retake our country from those losers on Capitol Hill.

<hold for applause>

The American party won’t be left or right. It will be realistic. It will refocus government on the needs of the nation and the will of the people – not the desires of the elites.

Our party will be one that lives by one driving mission statement: America First.

<hold for applause>

The American Party will focus on middle-class jobs like manufacturing and farming just as much as it does on high-tech and hospitality workers. No one will be left behind just because the government doesn’t like a certain type of worker.

Law and order will be a crucial plank in the American Party. Disregard for either will result in the harshest penalties available.

I need your help. We have an election to win in 2022. Your first votes will be in the caucuses and primaries which are just 13 months away. Stay focused on what we WILL do and not what those losers in Congress have done to us.

We will need to find candidates for the our great American Party. Some might come from the ranks of Democrats and Republicans already there, but a large number of them will come from working Americans who do not want to see this country turned into a socialist garbage heap or a slave to China and globalists. They will be patriots first and always, candidates second.

These candidates must win their primaries so we can start the process of draining the swamp of the creatures in Congress. Then, with actual oversight in the legislature, the deep state and the rest of the swamp will be ripped out of our government.

<hold for applause>

Politics will be removed from education and education will be focused on creating a strong workforce at all levels. Families will be empowered to choose how their children are educated.

We’ll take this movement to every state and local government where people are tired of being told one thing during campaigns and getting another for the years to follow.

The bastardization of the First Amendment will end. Freedom from religion will be no more and freedom of religion defended. The press will enjoy freedom so long as they operate truthfully.

The American Party is the way forward, it is how we save our country and you are how that happens.

God Bless America and God Bless the American Party.

hypothetical speech by Donald Trump at the Ellipse by R. Mitchell

Of course, Trump’s delivery would be different. These points would be interlaced with his off-the-cuff remarks, but the sentiment is surely something he would support and an action that would be supportable.

A ton of money that would have gone to the GOP and DNC for the 2022 election would now go to the American National Party (ANP).

This new threat would force Democrats and Republicans to react to the will of the people or be replaced. Either outcome is a positive.

Remember, the 2022 mid-term primaries begin next February, but the fight starts now.

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  1. One problem, and it’s a daunting one, this proposed speech of “the next election”. Well the Demoncrats stole several recently (and probably for years prior) and they always get away with it. HOW CAN WE WORRY ABOUT ELECTIONS WE CAN NEVER WIN? Dems cheat at will.

    1. That’s a separate issue. One even the president couldn’t solve. That will take a separate plan of infiltration, proof-gathering and litigation. The cases filed by the Kracken twins were utter garbage. That’s why they got nowhere.

      This article is about building a political revolutionary army with a recognized leader at the helm. The tactics that legion uses can be decided once the strategy is known and the funding mechanisms created.

      Getting American Party loyalists into critical locations (state election offices, federal law enforcement, etc) to collect evidence could be one approach. That comes after the movement is created, not before. Organize first, then mobilize.

      Just my .02 worth (.00000001 inflation-adjusted)

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