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The Push to Silence and Reprogram Conservatives Gains Steam

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you are well aware of actions taken against conservatives and Trump supporters in recent times. From President Donald Trump being banned on Twitter, Parler coming under attack, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) saying that we must reprogram conservatives, things are starting to get out of hand. More people are starting to become involved in the calls.

AOC has been one of the more vocal advocates of silencing and reprogramming of conservatives. She suggested that Trump supporters be placed on a registry and that federal funds be set aside in order to reprogram them to better fit into society.

Katie Couric also jumped into the mix and claimed that Trump supporters need to be reprogrammed. In a recent appearance on Bill Maher, she said that Republicans in Congress may have colluded with the mob. She then asked how are they going to deprogram these people from what she called the cult of Trump.

LUNATIC Katie Couric Calls for “Deprogramming” Trump Supporters

These people need to deprogram themselves. Credit: Newsbusters.org

A writer from The Washington Post recently said a similar statement on MSNBC. She said that there needed to be some sort of focus on how to deprogram Trump supporters. Then she started into some racist banter.

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WaPo’s @Eugene_Robinson to @nhannahjones: How do we “deprogram” Trump supporters? pic.twitter.com/LnFrAd6NXZ

One CNN guest recently said that there must be something done to limit the reach of conservative influencers. He said it was an issue that some of them have a reach that is further than that of CNN. He has not watched any CNN programming apparently to see how biased and narrative-driven the content has become.

The Left should have no challenges in silencing and eliminating the reach of conservatives either. They have big tech on their side and the power of social pressure to help drive the cause. Twitter was recently caught on insider videos showing how they are taking action against conservatives and will be doing so on a more global scale.

Project Veritas released their latest video, where Twitter leadership was caught on tape making the remarks. In the clip, the head of Twitter’s legal department shares how they took action against the President and will continue to do so against conservatives.

Twitter Senior Executive Vijaya Gadde Details Plans for Political Censorship on a Global Scale

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This is not a simple social justice cry or movement. This is an attempt to completely abolish conservatives from existence. This is bigger than Section 230, the First Amendment, and President Donald Trump. This is about class warfare, Marxism, and the push of critical theory.

In the coming days, we will continue to see conservatives silenced and the push for reprogramming conservatives. They will take to the Marxist teachings to try to say that conservatism is an injustice. They will continue to push that in order to reach a better society, we must eliminate conservatism entirely. That is a basic foundation of critical theory and we are seeing it play out in front of our eyes.

They have attacked the norms of marriage, the norms of religion, the norms of social classes, and the norms of law and order. The Left has successfully divided our country and now, they see an opportunity. The opportunity to end conservatism once and for all.

Times are about to become very tough for conservatives. We must stand together and we must fight for what we believe in. That is not an incitement to violence as the left would like to say. That is an incitement to ground yourself in truth, your faith, your personal values, and recommit to American freedom.

The Mindless Ramblings Of AOC

The next few weeks will be filled with multiple news stories about Joe Biden and the progressive agenda that he will be pushing with legislation and executive orders. Before that begins, Jared decides to take a deeper look at recent statements by AOC.  In a recent Instagram rant, AOC took on southern red states and said that they need to be liberated.

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