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The Outright Lies of Equality by Big Tech Organizations

Charlotte, NC — Over the past several years, we have been inundated with calls for equality. We have heard the calls from the LGBTQ groups that say we need to be more accepting and inclusive of their lifestyle in society. We have Black Lives Matter and the calls for putting their agenda and initiatives at the forefront of all aspects of life.

Big business, especially big tech business, was caught in the middle of these events and was quick to welcome each of these with open arms. They released statements, created special platforms, and catered to their every desire. But now, they are showing their hypocrisy by banning conservatives.


The first violator is Twitter. They made headlines this week banning President Donald Trump, blocking and deleting conservatives, and have been in a war against conservative ideals. On Twitter’s website, they claim that all voices are welcome and all voices are needed when talking about their culture and values. That is unless you have a conservative voice.

Twitter openly promoted Black Lives Matter tweets in cities where riots and protests were happening in the Summer of 2020. The company changed its profile to honor Black lives but has gone on a delete and block mission against conservatives. For the company that says everyone deserves a voice, they sure are violating that very claim as they continue their war against conservatives.


Facebook also has similar language to Twitter’s on its website about valuing different backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. They say they want a workforce as diverse as the people they serve on the platform, yet they are removing conservative groups left and right from the platform. That does not sound like tolerance and diversity at work. Facebook followed Twitter’s actions as they banned President Donald Trump from the platform. The group has blocked many conservative groups on the site as well.

Facebook also took action during the Black Lives Matter protests. Mark Zuckerberg posted that he supported Black Lives Matter, saying that Facebook would review their policies to pander to the group. The company made special areas for Black Lives Matter to help “lift their voices.” So they have openly supported groups that are destroying businesses, riots that are ending in death, but blocking conservatives because they supported President Donald Trump and questioned the election.


Amazon recently jumped into the mix as they said they would take action to remove Parler from its Amazon Web Services platform. On the Amazon website, the company claims, “We are a company of builders who bring varying backgrounds, ideas, and points of view to inventing on behalf of our customers. Our diverse perspectives come from many sources including gender, race, age, national origin, sexual orientation, culture, education, as well as professional and life experience.” Apparently, that culture piece should not be there.

The company came under scrutiny during the Black Lives Matter riots for its actions. In response, they donated $10 million to Black initiatives across the country. They began a matching program, up to $10,000 per employee donating to these activists groups that were involved in destroying businesses around the country.


Google also took an active role against Parler recently removing the company, without notice, from its application store. The company makes a strong statement about inclusivity on their website. In one statement the company says, “Google is committed to continuing to make diversity, equity, and inclusion part of everything we do.” I guess that means except in how they provide services across their platforms.

The company also took a stand during the Black Lives Matter riots, saying that they were using their products to support change and the mission of those activists. The company shared how they had donated nearly $50 million for justice causes. Google is providing support to those who are destroying small businesses and taking lives in communities while violating its own call for including different viewpoints in everything they do.


Apple is another big tech organization that is to blame as they tried to save face with the conservative community, while also satisfying those on the left. Over the weekend, Apple gave Parler notice that they would be delisted if they did not provide a clear moderation plan for content on its application. The company submitted a plan, but then Apple removed them anyway.

Apple claims that the fact that everyone is different is what makes us so great. They talk about their inclusion of different ideas, values, beliefs, lifestyles into their company, and the importance of including everyone. Except for an application platform that may cater to a conservative focused audience that is.

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out during the Black Lives Matter riots and said that Apple supported the movement and welcomed diverse thoughts and backgrounds to help them drive change. He announced that the company was giving $100 million to racial justice causes. They are working to amplify the voices of these left-wing activists while silencing over 10 million users of the Parler application that are on the right.

The list does not end here

There are so many more companies that can be listed, but these are the main ones that have been in the mainstream over the last week. The companies have all said that they value different ideas and backgrounds, but show that it is nothing but pandering to the special interest groups around the country. These groups are actively working against Trump supporters out of pressure from cancel culture left-wing radicals.

Just a few months ago, they were actively supporting groups that were setting fire to American cities. They were supporting groups that resulted in countless deaths and millions in damages. These groups destroyed jobs, homes, lives, and more.

These groups argued that they deserved better than anyone else because of their chosen lifestyle or the color of their skin. They claimed that society was working against them, that government was against them, and that changes must need to occur. Does that sound familiar?

These big tech groups now want to act when a group of over 70 million Americans is questioning if their government and society was working against them in an effort to “keep them down” as the Black Lives Matter movement would say. It cannot only be an issue when it is coming from the right.

Violence is never the answer. Just as I spoke out against the violence from the left-wing groups, I also condemn and speak out against the violence from right-wing groups. This is about much more than left-wing and right-wing violence, however.

This is about an attempt to silence millions of Americans. If big tech and big business are going to argue for giving a voice to those who need it, this is their chance to show that they are not biased. Instead, they are failing and showing that they are only concerned with pandering to left-wing causes.

Tech Moves Are Enabling More Division in America

Twitter and Facebook took the unprecedented move to ban the President of the United States from their platforms over the past few days. While we knew it was probably coming, many did not expect it until he left office.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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