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The Lesson That Republicans Need to Learn From Democrats

Charlotte, NC — Media outlets will be flooded with articles in the coming weeks about the future of the GOP. The mainstream media will start speculating about where the GOP turns for future leadership. Conservative media will be split between those who want Trump again in four years and those who are ready to move on.

The Washington Examiner ran an article on Monday that said that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was the problem and he should be removed from his House leadership post. The author suggested that Liz Cheney was the logical choice to lead the party. That type of logic is what got us into this position in the first place.

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If the GOP wants to score a comeback, its divorce from Trumpism must mean much more than a mere divorce from Trump. @KevinOMcCarthy must go.Luckily for Republicans, they have an obvious candidate to replace him in @Liz_Cheney, writes @tianathefirst. https://t.co/w8pjcUW4m6

The mindset for Republicans has been to ride the coattails of figures until they are beyond useful and move on. Rather than seeking out additional members of their party to be outspoken and vocal, they seek to suppress those voices that should be heard.

I cannot believe I am about to say this. Republicans need to learn a lesson from the Democrats.

Democrats have this unique ability to retain their old, washed-up politicians, think Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, and excite younger people behind them. This is not simply by coincidence or through the work of socialism. It’s a well-orchestrated plan.

Democrats have used various groups, such as Black Lives Matter, the Democratic Socialists of America, and Antifa, to excite people behind their cause. They give these groups a voice, however right or wrong it may be. They give these groups and their members a feeling of inclusion.

The problem for Republicans is that they have a knack for drowning out young people. Mitch McConnell is certainly not exciting the young people of the Republican base. Neither is Kevin McCarthy or Liz Cheney.

Young people on the conservative side flock to those like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Dan Crenshaw. They are spirited followers of Charlie Kirk, Dennis Praeger, and Brandon Tatum. The reason is that these individuals give those same young voices a chance to be heard. They give them a cause and a reason to belong.

That’s something no one is getting from Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell. They are not getting it from Liz Cheney or the overwhelming majority of the leaders in the Republican Party in Congress. That’s where Republicans could really learn a lesson.

President Donald Trump successfully united an excited youth base behind him through his inclusion of these groups and their followers. Just as Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, and others would attend a Black Lives Matter rally, he would attend the Turning Point USA rallies. He would attend their rally in Washington. He knew their desire to be heard, knew inclusion was important, and he did just that.

Many among the Republican party have been hesitant to accept the youth movement, preferring to keep control of the party among the “old white men” as the Left often likes to say. As frustrating as AOC and the other squad members may be to Pelosi, she still allows them a platform and in turn, it benefits the party as a whole.

The Republican party is so focused on the establishment that they continue to unnecessarily alienate young voters. It’s happening nationally and across state and local races. Perhaps not in every district, after all, Rep. Madison Cawthorn won in the 11th congressional district.

For Republicans to survive, they must learn that to appeal across the spectrum, they must transition from their traditional focus of establishment, tax cuts, and reform. I am not saying those are not important, but there is a greater need for the country now.

Across the country, we need young conservatives to step up and reshape the Republican party, just as the Democrats have done. We need youthful energetic leaders that are not concerned about a career, but about doing what is right to preserve freedom and protect our Constitution.

There are a lot of lessons that the Republicans will learn in the coming years. The first one that they need to learn is that they need to move beyond their aged platform. They need to transition their focus to the inclusion of these groups, rather than suppressing them. If they don’t, say hello to four more years of President Kamala Harris.

Will Republicans Learn Their Lesson This Time

Republicans seem to have a struggle learning lessons. For four years, President Trump has taught them how the party can change its identity and move forward. Rather than learning, they put up a resistance.  Some have suggested the only way forward is through a new party or through a new leader.

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Jared Dyson

Jared Dyson is the Editor-in-Chief at The Liberty Loft and host of The Jared Dyson Show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, or iHeart Radio. 

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  1. Agreed! They followed a “plan” alright. The planning started with Saul Alinsky, Herbert Marcuse, and other far left radicals…they actually published a book on how to “radicalize” employment, education, medicine, communications, “entertainment” and public and civic life and every level of government…county, city, state, special districts etc. And it never, never allowed a crises to go to waste. When you control the media you define the crisis.

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