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President Joe Biden Has Lost The Coronavirus Plans He Never Had

Throughout the campaign last year, Joe Biden continuously attacked President Donald Trump for his coronavirus response plan. He said that the response was inadequate earlier last year. He carried it further in December criticizing the distribution plan for the coronavirus vaccine.

The entire time, Biden claimed that he had a plan. He said that he would dedicate his first 100 days to the pandemic and work to address it and end it for Americans. He vowed to release vaccines at a more rapid pace.

It was all a bunch of lies.

Since Biden took office, he has signed some executive orders, but it is clear that he has no plan to address the coronavirus pandemic. He was highly critical of Trump’s response and he has continued to follow the example of President Donald Trump.

He signed an order for travel restrictions. He signed an order to mandate masks, then immediately proceeded to break his own order to which everyone turned a blind eye. So where is the massive dump of COVID vaccines we should be expecting?

Biden’s administration said that they were not left with a COVID vaccine distribution plan just a few days ago. It was said that everything must start from scratch. But that’s not true. Even Dr. Fauci said this was a lie and that they were not starting from scratch. You do not hear the mainstream media talking about that, however.

Multiple Trump administration officials shared that dozens of transition meetings occurred so that nothing was left behind. They turned over all the documents and the Biden administration simply “lost” the plan. Perhaps it is lost with Biden’s nonexistent response plan.

According to the CDC website, over 44 million doses of the vaccine have been distributed. Of those, only 23.5 million have been administered as of Tuesday. This means that there are over 20 million doses sitting across the country somewhere with people that would be willing to take them. It means that the distribution has happened by the Trump administration, but the states are not following through on delivering them.

There are new reports that multiple shot appointments had been canceled due to the misallocation of the COVID vaccine. But don’t believe for one second that this is the fault of President Donald Trump. The story is quite the opposite. As of Monday, not one single state had administered 100% of their allocated vaccines. In other words, the states have mismanaged the allocation.

Biden and his team should not get a free pass on this. If the coronavirus pandemic is such a big deal, why are they totally failing in the launch of their handling? They had months to prepare a plan for this, months of data, research, and work given to them by the Trump team. Instead of handling it better, he canceled Operation Warp Speed and essentially put a hold on vaccine distribution.

That certainly sounds like someone that had a plan, doesn’t it? I wonder how the mainstream media will spin this one?

Perhaps Biden Can Crowdsource Some More Lies

Joe Biden and his administration made headlines recently when they claimed that the Trump administration left them no plans for the coronavirus and the distribution of the vaccine. They claimed the Trump administration was simply getting by and that they must essentially start over.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

Jared Dyson

Jared Dyson is the Editor-in-Chief at The Liberty Loft and host of The Jared Dyson Show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, or iHeart Radio. 

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