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OK Democrats. You Won The Election, So Now How Are You Going To Fix America?

It’s one thing to win an election, but does Joey Biden have any plans to heal the divided America that he and the Democrat party created? The Republican candidate for president was attacked every day of his administration; his supporters have been labeled as being racists; Trump’s staff has been denied jobs after their service in his administration; Democrats have been telling us that anyone who voted for Trump is obviously deranged and that they need to be re-educated and have their minds straightened out for them; a Republican Senator who objected to the acceptance of several states’ electoral certificates for Biden has been denied the printing of his book just because the publisher is too frightened of Democrat radical violence to print the man’s book.

All we’ve heard from Democrats are proposed radical projects that will tank the stock market, cause job loss, cause energy costs to skyrocket, create massive numbers of regulations to stymie businesses, force Americans to wear the useless masks that are too porous to stop even a horse fly, create additional states assuring more Democrat representatives located in them, pack the Supreme Court and probably order another very destructive national lockdown that our weakened nation may not be able to survive.

But as for any practical, thoughtful attention to re-uniting American and getting citizens employed again, not so much. The only things that modern-day Democrats believe in are political domination and control, and destroying anyone who attempts to oppose their national takeover and lockdown schemes.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Okay democrats, you cheated your way into the Whitehouse. Now how are you going to fix America?

  2. I can see already our economy tanking, interest rates soaring, and the next recession coming! This is what you get when you put a senile 43 years in politics loser in office. He is Signing what ever they put in front of him, destroying jobs first issue in white house, enraging woman across the country, Raising min. wage up so high it will cause massive lay-offs, and he was only in office like 72 hours to cause all this, Oh and today I see Canada is ready to go to war with the US over his halting the Keystone pipe line that BOTH countries have billions invested in. Great Job Democrats! Putting a not my president in office that is afraid of his own people, up with fences all over the place, guards with guns, but he is against us having guns for protection……… Mandating a mask must be worn at all times in a governmental building and then almost immediate filmed with his own mask off?????

  3. The Democrat Party hasn’t had an original idea in decades……the ‘new’ normal hasn’t changed that. The ONLY way to “fix” America is to MAKE AMERICA FIRST…….and KEEP THE POSITIVE CHANGES OF TRUMP’S ADMINISTRATION…..of course, resigning would work. Oops, that’s too original….
    As long as prayer candles are lit, there is light….

  4. Stealing an election is not winning an election. The headline of this article is wrong.

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