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Most Significant Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Care

Home health workers usually work under the guidance and supervision of home health agencies and medical professionals. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics of 2019, HHA pays the average salary of 26,440 US dollars or 12.71 US dollars per hour. This pay rate is considered to be relatively low. However, the home health job offers some personal satisfaction and rewards that compensates for the low salary. Moreover, the HHA (Home Health Aide) job can work as a stepping stone for you to some other meaningful career opportunities in the field of healthcare if you opt for additional training. Read the following list of advantages and disadvantages carefully to learn if home health is the right career option for you or not.


HHA Basic Duties can be Unpleasant:The duties that you as a home health aide will need to perform can be very challenging such as feeding, dressing, and bathing a client. Moreover, you might also need to perform shopping, meal preparation, and a little housekeeping as well. In many states, home health aides need to perform nursing tasks and supervise the client’s medication. Some of the HHA tasks can be very unpleasant such as emptying a bedpan or commode and changing the soiled linens.

HHA Caregiving Role can be Hectic: Some of the clients need HHA services 24/7 because of the condition of the patient that can have mental health issues such as dementia. The HHAs who handle such clients might face some unpleasant things as well. Moreover, if a patient cannot speak, then an HHA will need to spend a whole day in a socially isolated environment.

Emotional and Physical Risk:Working with physically incapacitated clients increases the chances of back injuries. Moreover, if an HHA doesn’t take the necessary precautions, s/he can easily catch an infection. On the other hand, working with a client with any terminal illness can disturb an HHA emotionally a great deal.


Healthy and Friendly Relationships:You can create a friendly and healthy relationship with your patients. Working as an HHA, you can easily create a strong bond with people who rarely go out of their homes. Therefore, serving other people provides you with a feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

Training, Progress, and Education: If you want to become an HHA, you only need to acquire minimal education. Moreover, you don’t even need to get a high school diploma to work as an HHA in some states. However, you’ll need to have a health professions license to work as an HHA in most states.

Flexible Working hours: One of the most significant advantages of working as an HHA is that you can have flexible scheduling hours. This way not only can you work when it is the most suitable for you, but you can also give enough time to your family.

The trend of Job Growth: It’s expected that the HHAs demand will grow up to 34 percent within the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It simply means that one of the biggest perks of working as a home health aide is job availability.


You can easily find a handsome home health aide job by searching, home health care jobs near me on the Internet. We recommend you to go through the list of advantages and disadvantages mentioned above before opting for that.

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