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Michael Giannulis Explains Why Blood Donations Matter amid the COVID-19 Crisis

You can show your care and empathy in many ways amid the corona crisis. You may support local businesses, help with grocery shopping for seniors, or donate blood at these troubled times. Based on the findings of the US Food and Drug Administration, a person requires a blood transfusion every two seconds across the nation. Blood donation is, therefore, is one of the most essential aspects when it comes to patient care.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, blood donation is crucial and if you do so; you are contributing much to community health and wellbeing. Read on to learn more.

Mike Giannulis talks about blood donation, a lifesaver

When you are donating blood, you are saving people’s lives, which is a great thing to do when the world has turned haywire due to the corona pandemic. When you agree to donate your blood, you contribute significantly to the overall welfare of the community.

In case you have recovered from the corona of late, you can play a part in the cure for the virus. Did you know that your blood plasma, the yellowish fluid element in your blood has antibodies to fight the coronavirus, thus helping another person, who has contracted COVID-19?

In the blood donating centers, the FDA is discovering an analytical treatment using life-saving plasma from patients, who have recuperated from the infection. Did you know that convalescent plasma is used to treat individuals, who have a critical and life-threatening infection?

Most businesses are closed amid the pandemic or operating for limited days, according to Michael Giannulis. Then, blood donation facilities are open and they require blood and in need of immediate donors.

Safety measures concerning blood donation

The CDC is in the favor of blood donation in the US provided all centers to maintain corona safety protocols and guidelines. These include:

The CDC will arrange to call donors when it is necessary to donate blood. When donors arrive, they can wait in their cars until their names are called.

  • Inspiring donors to make advance appointments to ensure appropriate patient flow.
  • Asking staff as well as volunteers with corona-like symptoms to stay at home and seek a medical examination before they resume work.
  • Spacing the chairs six feet apart in the waiting and refreshment zones as well as donor cots in the blood collection area
  • Asking employees to change hand gloves and masks. They are also asked to wash hands with water and soap between blood donations to prevent infection spread.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the collection area thoroughly to prevent virus spread depending on center protocols after every donor leaves.

The safety of volunteers, donors, blood recipients, and employees is the priority of the donation centers. The American Red Cross employees follow additional safety norms in their blood donation centers. These are checking a donor’s temperature before the process, wearing masks, laundering blankets after every donation, and giving hand sanitizers to donors while entering and all through the donation process.


If you are planning to donate blood and help a corona patient, there is nothing like it. Make sure you follow all safety measures and make your contribution to the community.

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