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Laura Ingraham Calls For Republicans to Confront Big Tech

New York, NY — On Saturday, Fox News host and conservative commentator Laura Ingraham made multiple statements on Twitter saying that Republicans should confront Big Tech. Ingraham has been outspoken on the recent actions taken by Apple, Google, Twitter and Facebook in removing Parler from app stores and restricting specific accounts of Republicans and, more specifically, Trump supporters.

In one statement, Ingraham said that Republicans should show up at shareholder meetings and confront businesses about their discrimination against Republicans.

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Republican should start showing up at the shareholders’ meetings of Big Business and ask questions about why particular companies are discriminating against Republican customers.

In another tweet, Ingraham said, “Silencing, demonizing, controlling is all the Left has. This reveals their true agenda. Total evisceration of Constitution. Socialism. Total domination. The CCP’s proud.”

Ingraham has not been silent about her feelings on the control by the left over the use of social media and tech services by those who are on the right. Twitter started the activities earlier this week by blocking President Donald Trump permanently. Facebook soon followed.

The actions were taken to a whole new level as Apple, and Google both removed popular Twitter alternative Parler from their app stores over the weekend. Google removed the app without any notice to the company while Apple gave Parler 24 hours to deliver a moderation plan. After the plan was delivered, Apple said it was not enough and removed it. Amazon went a step further by deleting Parler off its Amazon web hosting servers, refusing to provide services to the organization because of its support of right-leaning speech. Parler said that Amazon’s actions would likely keep them offline for a week while the rebuild their servers elsewhere.

It is time that these organizations are held accountable for the discrimination that they are displaying. It is time to hold them accountable for their desires to completely eliminate conservatives from existence.

These monopolistic2 businesses believe they are big enough they can run from being responsible.

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