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GOP Cutting Off Their Potus To Spite Their Face – Ben Garrison Cartoon

In a disgusting display of virtue signaling, many Republicans have said they will vote to impeach President Trump.

A legion of these backstabbers have now joined forces with Nancy Pelosi, who wants the president removed immediately, even though his term expires in a handful of days. It’s bad enough that Pelosi’s latest power play is a slap in the face to the millions of us who voted for Trump, but to see a legion of Republicans helping her in her effort is downright despicable.

The first rat to jump ship was Mitch McConnell. Ol’ turtle head was never on the side of Trump—not really. He has strong ties to China and wants to return to globalism and send our jobs back to that communist country. He wants to continue running an expensive empire in terms of money and lives to benefit the military industrial complex. He wants to serve the interests of large global corporations while lining his pockets. In other words, he wants business as usual and his business, like Biden’s, is corruption.

The Republican Party is quickly reverting back to what they were—a New World Order neocon party in lockstep with the Democrats, a neoliberal, socialist and globalist party.

Both are on the same page. Both have contempt for most Americans, whom they consider to be their subjects. Trump was a billionaire, but he brought back jobs and a sense of national pride to millions of average Americans. We all had great hopes that he would drain the Swamp and restore our Republic, but he wasn’t part of the globalists’ ‘Big Club.’ Therefore he was run through a political ringer of lies for four years as the Democrats tried to impeach him at every turn. A few Republicans helped him half-heartedly, but it became clear that they were only marking time.


Now the Republican hearts have turned ice cold on the president. Most of them have become ‘never Trumpers.’ Or perhaps more accurately, ‘never again Trumpers.’ Both parties want to see to it that he doesn’t run again and they may get their way. There will be consequences, however. Many of us will not be voting for their candidates again. I voted for Senator Daines here in Montana and he became one of the backstabbers. Shame on you, Daines.

It is apparent that saving the Republic will be up to “we the people”, not the politicians.

—Ben Garrison

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  1. Kathleen says:

    I recommend all conservatives to contact the BBB with a complaint of Facebook and Twitter permitting talks/remarks of violence on their feeds and censorship when it comes to parler…I just did…the more complaints BBB gets an investigation must proceed into their business…

  2. TSC says:

    Never voting for again, that hardly matters after the big steal. We are a banana republic now. Why would anyone ever think their vote counted as it should or mattered again. Clearly it won’t. In the last 20 years we have gone to hell. The 80’s may have been lame and ludicrous with fools following the royal celebrities and elitist politicians in the swamp thinking we were all idiots but at least we knew what country we were in. Not anymore. Americans have become too selfish and complacent to save this country. As long as they have their Netflix, their social media to follow and make stupid videos, and their own tiny bubble remains okay people will do nothing. Give them all a bit of crumbs in the form of a basic income if you obey while the pigs at the trough take it all. Sometimes I’m glad I’m old. We let this all happen, slowly a little at a time. Everyone afraid to say, do anything, especially the pussy politicians. The RINOS and dems were always more alike than different.

  3. Kev T. says:

    RIGHT ON !
    I have written to the GOP, SCOTUS, M. McConnell, Pelosi and many others.
    Their actions to me mimic the 1930s NAZI play book…They love calling others NAZIs…yet the NAZI party was a socialist workers party that was mandatory to be a part of if you wanted to be a recipient of government services…I have also told the SCOTUS that they are a huge disappointment and not worthy of my respect any longer. I am totally dismayed at the GOP…The Grand old Party has CRASHED. They are no longer the party I choose to align myself with. I want something in the Libertarian/Patriot area. Many ancestors have fought for the USA in every war/conflict there has been, including the Revolutionary War with England. NONE of them fought for taxes, and Socialism…let alone the TYRANNY that is showing its ugly face of late. I WILL NOT vote for ANY ANTI-TRUMPER in 4 years. Being a conservative in upstate NY it is about impossible to see your vote count in a Presidential vote. I have grown used to NOT having a voice because of my state of residence. Between grown kids and a job I cannot walk away from…I do not foresee moving out of NY. Make no mistake. I love NY…it is Cuomo, Morelle, Schumer, Gillibrand and the rest of the little dictators that run NY I disllike. We are saddled with this pack of politicos in NY because of NYC and the upstate metro centers. Upstate is a totally different culture than the NYC area. The state’s politicos always promise “big” things for the rural areas in election years and NEVER deliver. Cuomo thinks folks are leaving NYS because of the weather…it is his excess taxes, over regulation, nanny state legislation, the S.A.F.E. act and all things tyrannical.

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