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Enemies of Freedom See Biden as Weak, Take Full Advantage

Joe Biden has officially been president-elect for just a few days and the enemies of freedom, both at home and abroad, are already taking advantage of his perceived weakness.

Foreign Threats Regard Biden as Weak


Iran announced last week that they are ramping up uranium production to 20% purity – a level they hesitated to approach until it was clear that Biden would be taking over the White House.

The United Nations’ nuclear watchdog said Friday that Iran has informed them that it plans to enrich uranium up to 20% purity, the level it reached before the 2015 nuclear deal — and an amount that’s just a relatively short technical hop to weapons-grade fuel.


Perhaps Iran’s leadership expects another cargo plane-load of cash and complete leniency just as was given to them by the Obama-Biden administration.

North Korea

North Korea announced this week that it would ramp up its nuclear weapons program.

Kim Jong Un will put North Korea on a path to develop more advanced nuclear technologies and missiles, sending a chilling warning to President-elect Joe Biden that the Asian leader is ready to ratchet up security tensions.


While “Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un had ceased missile testing under the Trump administration, he has no compunction about restarting under the weak leadership of Joe Biden.


China announced Saturday a set of rules to counter foreign trade laws that it sees as “unjustified.”

When a citizen or other organisation “suffers significant losses” from non-compliance with foreign legislation, “relevant government departments may provide necessary support”, the notice says.

The Chinese government might also enact “necessary counter-measures” in response.


Clearly aimed at the tariffs and restrictions implemented by the Trump administration to level the playing field for American companies, China sees Biden’s weak character and the fact that his family has been enriched through its connections to Chinese oligarchs as a way to take advantage of American businesses and consumers – just as they did prior to Trump.

Domestic Threats to Freedom See Biden as Weak

Some of the largest technology companies in the United States went full-on Ministry of Truth just after Biden was certified as the winner of the 2020 Electoral College vote.

The actions by Big Tech shown below are eerily similar to the censorship seen in China where they shut down any speech they disagree with.

Big Tech threw conservatives down the memory hole last week while making Trump “the name that shall not be spoken.”

Apple and Google

Behemoth monopolistic tech companies Apple and Google kicked free speech social media company Parler off of their app stores once Congress officially named Joe Biden as the 46th president.

Big tech said that they removed Parler because the social media platform was directly responsible for the content posted by their users. This is a position directly in opposition to what Facebook and Twitter CEO’s argued before Congress hoping to avoid being held liable for user posts.

Apple and Google have directly shown that the liability protections (section 230) demanded by Twitter and Facebook, should not be in place.


Retail and Web Services giant Amazon will boot Parler off its Web Services (AWS) infrastructure Sunday night. The move was enacted due to pressure from from AWS employees.

Parler says the move will push them offline for as long as a week while they rebuild their servers elsewhere.


On Thursday, the Canada-based e-commerce platform Shopify closed all online stores affiliated with President Trump.

The e-commerce platform Shopify said Thursday that it has terminated stores affiliated with President Donald Trump in the wake of pro-Trump supporters, many clad in Make America Great Again gear, violently storming the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.


Because clearly, Trump would have used MAGA hats and Trump shirts to incite riots and treason.


Payment processor Stripe announced Sunday that it would no longer process payments for President Trump’s retail sales.

After making a ton of cash processing Trump’s payments, Stripe canceled Trump without explanation.


Twitter banned President Trump from the platform and began a purge of Conservative accounts the day after Congress certified Joe Biden’s victory.

Twitter has slowly become a set of two echo chambers as it walled liberals and conservatives off from each other.

Now, by removing a large cache of conservative content creators, the mini-blog will be largely populated by liberals magnifying their single-sided thinking.

Tolerance… or something.

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