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5 Nationally-Ranked Conservative Colleges for the Die-Hard Patriot

Over the years, conservatives have become increasingly frustrated with higher education. Many right-aligned students argue college campuses have become a breeding ground for leftist propaganda, while left-leaning undergraduates deny claims of favoritism or bias. Republican students are especially critical of required humanities and social science coursework, which has shifted from politically neutral to far left in many schools. Concerned conservatives argue higher education lacks political diversity, rejects open-thought, and perpetuates left-leaning biases. 

Conservative professors are few-and-far-between in most campuses, driving a wedge between republican students and visibly left-leaning faculty and staff. Because a successful college education relies on student-teacher relations, many right-leaning undergraduates report strenuous relationships due to narrow-minded teaching philosophies. 

To ensure a fulfilling, positive, memorable college experience, aspiring students can seek refuge in spaces populated with like-minded, right-leaning folks by attending a conservative college. 

Set yourself up for success

Before forming an alliance with your conservative cohorts, check off a well-rounded college to-do list to set yourself up for success. As you build your top schools list, be sure to investigate potential scholarship opportunities to get the best bang for your buck. Utilize a scholarship search engine to help reach optimal earning potential with ease and start accumulating wealth the moment you slip on your cap and gown

After you’ve nailed down a list of schools and applied for every scholarship under the sun, it’s time to organize test scores, application deadlines, and entrance essay due dates to streamline the enrollment process. It’s also crucial to secure a firm grasp on your interests and potential plans-of-action to further your conservative values and build a solid educational foundation. To ensure you receive a diverse, well-rounded, traditional education, consider applying to top conservative institutions. 

Hillsdale College

The Michigan Hillsdale institution is a private, coeducational college with a long history of patriotism and conservative ideologies. Hillsdale offers undergraduates a core course program featuring traditional western values and required courses on the U.S. constitution. 

Not only does Hillsdale college have a longstanding history of American values, but they were also the first college to prohibit sex-based discrimination—something many left-leaning colleges can’t claim. Students attending this university often find themselves in influential government internships and engaging in clubs to propel them forward into their futures.

Brigham Young University

Located in Provo, Utah, BYU holds the title of the country’s largest private religious university. Controlled and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), BYU requires students to sign and uphold a strict honor code by maintaining respectful clothing and grooming standards, abstaining from sex outside of marriage, and refraining from drug and alcohol use. BYU courses focus-in on political philosophy and free-market capitalism, giving students a well-rounded, complete educational experience.

Grove City College

Grove City College—a private, Christian, liberal arts institution in Pennsylvania—is a renowned, anti-government funding institution perfect for undergraduates looking for a traditionalistic experience. Students are required to honor a code of conduct featuring traditional values and attend chapel services throughout their time enrolled. Grove City College prides itself on integrity, offering students an educational experience filled with right-leaning political organizations and think-tank integration for guaranteed future success. 

The Kings College

Sitting in the heart of New York’s financial district is Kings College—an institution built around conservative ideologies and traditional American values. The core curriculum of Kings College features courses on western civilizations, fiscal economics, and political philosophy for a well-rounded educational experience. Kings College offers undergraduates an excellent selection of published, long-time republican professors who use their expertise to shape future politicians, leaders, and upstanding citizens. 

Wrap up

Beginning your college career as a proud conservative thinker can be difficult and potentially isolating. Avoid an unpleasant experience by situating yourself with like-minded students and faculty who will broaden your ideological boundaries while making you feel safe and at home. 

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