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UX Design Trends for 2021

UX design trends are continually evolving over time but the trends for 2021 depict a break away from older notions of quality user experience and engagement.

In previous years UX design trends focused mainly on the idea of minimalism to ensure seamless user experience. Yet future UX design trends for 2021 are showing an increasing tendency among UX experts and designers to incorporate notions of anthropomorphic animations, realism, escapism and versions of augmented realities back into the fold. Here are a few of the top UX design trends for 2021. 

The use of anthropomorphic animations 

The increasing use of anthropomorphic animations in various interfaces has not gone unnoticed. The ability to make computer screens come to life through the use of moving images that mimic human behavior is one of 2021’s more popular trends. This includes making almost any body part move, from blinking eyes to waving hands or nodding heads, the possibilities are endless. Anthropomorphic animations are very different from the motion graphics that encompassed more of the flashier design trends of previous years. The strength of anthropomorphic animations lies in its subtlety, viewers are usually halfway, if not entirely done reading the content before they notice a character waving or smiling gently at them. The impact of anthropomorphic animations is what makes them so powerful. 

Improved micro-interactions

Micro-interactions have always been at the core of UX design, it is how users interact and communicate with any given interface. The idea of clicking a button to make a page respond has always fostered a sort of tactile satisfaction in users, but in 2021 these micro-interactions are expected to become a bit more ‘marco’. Within various interfaces, we have seen designers make use of rather dramatic animations and page transitions. Designers are looking for more creative, almost startling ways of improved micro-interactions. We all know that in the digital world less is always more, but it does not look like users are complaining about these types of extravagant transitions of micro-interactions.


Unlike previous years, more and more UX designers are using exotic and vacation locations, or even wanderlust lifestyles as the main focus of their layouts. These centerpieces, which are symbolic of holiday destinations and places of relaxation and tranquility, evokes in viewers a sense of escapism they do not generally experience in their everyday lives. Escapism in UX design usually involves using rich or organic colour schemes and templates, scrolling option akin to gallery viewing and layered imagery to create the illusion of realism. These types of layouts are in fact minimalistic as designers aim to make the sole focus of the page centered on these types of exotic locations and wanderlust lifestyles and nothing else should detract from it. This increasing use of escapist imagery and the overwhelming popular response by users to such imagery can be seen as a response to feelings of confinement that many of us experienced this year.      

The use of an augmented reality

The use of augmented realities has been around since the early 90’s but it is only in recent years with the evolution of the smartphone culture that augmented realities have really entered mainstream UX design trends. Augmented reality apps are also becoming increasingly popular, practical and diverse. Online property rental tours and virtual museum tours are only a few practical examples of how augmented realities can be used. The increasing tendency among UX designers to focus on interfaces that are easily adapted to camera overlay is evident of this growing trend. People are experiencing more and more of the world through virtual experiences and the use of augmented reality interfaces is only the beginning. 

What should you do first?

Putting these 2021 UX design trends into practice might be one of the wisest decisions anyone can make, but it all starts with having a website. Don’t have one yet? Here’s something that can help: a step for step instruction guide to show you how to design a website, and once you have successfully built your website, it is these UX design trends that you want to focus on. It is these ones that will improve user experience and elevate your website straight to the top.   

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