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Our National Teeter-Totter: Democrat Power And Control Versus Republican Protection Of Constitutional Rights

The teeter-totter of the balance of power rocks back and forth as elections are held. If Democrats get power via the fraudulent election of the Biden administration, they promise to begin chipping away at the liberties of American citizens. Compare the looming Democrat power grab that will, as they have promised, cause a massive loss of rights of American citizens, in light of the successful Donald Trump years of ridding our economy of punitive regulations, assuring fair treatment from our trading partners, getting European assistance in funding NATO, a skyrocketing stock market, aiding in the quick development of a vaccine to fight covid, opposing Russian interference in the world and insisting on in-person voting in order to eliminate the Democrat fraud which naturally accompanies their mail-in ballot schemes. Democrats give us big, corrupt government. Republicans give us liberty, freedom and prosperity.

In America there has always been a balance between our two parties and the policies which each side espouses and puts forward as the political winds change between Democrat and Republican. But with the incoming Biden-Harris administration we have been promised, via his words and via the corrupt big-government picks he has made to populate his cabinet, legislation and executive orders which will put an end to the American constitution as we’ve always known it.

And don’t think that the masking thing will end after only the first 100 days of the Biden administration, as Joey has promised. These fools may never allow your face to greet the sun or a summer breeze again in your lifetime.

I don’t feel guilty to want to limit the power of the Democrats if they ever get control of the government again, which it unfortunately appears they will do, but the resulting loss of liberty and freedom on the part of the American citizens cannot be accepted, so we must do everything possible to keep Biden out of office, and to limit his rule and block his every corrupt political move in the unfortunate event that he is sworn in.

Radical Democrats seek expansion of their power, and Republicans just want to retain the liberties assured by the constitution. Which is the more reasonable position to hold?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Do you not get it…we lost, thanks to the Supreme Court and bought out cowards in the GOP and backstabber RINO’s like Chris Christie and Romney & McConnell-not that I trust Lydsay Graham all that much…I digress…NO teeter-tooter about it, Democrats have won, they have the power, the money, the might, the blackmail, the scare tactics-down to a fine form- they have the “riot control” and they are united.
    What do Conservatives/Republicans have-cowards-dis-organization-comprised individuals (i.e: can be blackmailed) the only thing Republicans/GOP have for them… is a few loyal people left and the selling out of their own party is how they still have money and some power…
    Our National Teeter-Totter: Democrat Power And Control Versus Republican Protection Of Constitutional Rights – Conservative Daily News

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